50 Terrible School Designs Spotted By Students

Published 5 years ago

When you’re designing a building where hundreds of angsty teenagers are going the spend a large chunk of their day, you have to be prepared for anything. Accidentally designed something mildly phallic? Too bad, everyone’s going to notice it. Lockers too small? You’ll be hearing a lot about those. Measure twice and cut once doesn’t apply here – measure three times, four if needed, because not even the smallest mistake is going to slip through their eyes.

However, sometimes mistakes are inevitable and you can either try to fix them or do nothing and get laughed at in posts like these – your choice. Check out all of the terrible designs observant students spotted at their schools in the gallery below!

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#1 This School Bus Ad

Image source: reddit.com

#2 New Statue At A Catholic School

Image source: Carmineld91

#3 Interesting Take For A School Quote

Image source: Windows_10_Faggot

#4 German School

Image source: iitopsii

#5 “A Man Plowing A Field” On A Local School Building

Image source: JohhnyTheKid

#6 It’s Even More Fascinating When This Shit Happens In A Design School

Image source: raynehk14

#7 Hangers At School…

Image source: imsoskyhigh

#8 The Absolute Crap Design Of My School. This Is The Place Where Every Hallway Intersects

Image source: LuigiSaysKachow

#9 The Way My School Installed The New Projector

Image source: Triomat

#10 This School Just Renovated The Toilets At Their Gym

Image source: 15min

#11 Being Helpful For The Blind

Image source: Bodkin2005

#12 The Pie Graph In My School’s Newspaper

Image source: Man_Flute

#13 High School Gym In Pontiac, Mi. There Are No Words…

Image source: NeverSeenSandlot

#14 My Schools Attempt At Being Multicultural

Image source: Magnetronbaguette

#15 Seen At My School

Image source: alonelybagel

#16 My School Has This Mini Park Inside It But No One Can Get Inside

Image source: KarlRex12

#17 Front Door Of A Middle School

Image source: SharedHappiness

#18 My School Locker Can’t Even Fit My Backpack Because Of Those Shelves

Image source: zucclivan

#19 Our School Has Fantastic Fans

Image source: Kokudko

#20 This Machine At My School Sound Painful

Image source: Noahboathefoa

#21 One-Way Window Tint At School, So We Can’t See Shooters, But They Can See Us

Image source: himurakenshin87

#22 This Graph In A High School Year Book

Image source: SmoobBlob

#23 School My From Words Inspiring

Image source: Molcomb

#24 The Wall Decoration At My High School, Red Is Supposed To Represent The Freshmen

Image source: oofIV

#25 Extreme Entrance To School Gym

Image source: Angelic_Phoenix

#26 There Is So Much Wrong With This Map At My School

Image source: KramwithaK

#27 The Pamphlet For My School’s Special Needs Program

Image source: JesseW625

#28 The Mirror At The Men’s Bathroom At My School

Image source: Mexishould

#29 This Is On Our Wall In The School…

Image source: danielthepilot_

#30 Our School Must Be The Crappiest Design I’ve Ever Seen!

Image source: pixelguymm

#31 This Person In My School Book

Image source: Sambo5303

#32 My Schools Fine Arts Department Had Some Interesting Stickers

Image source: Hey_Look_Whats_That

#33 At First Glance, The White Lettering On This Pride Poster At My High School Blends In With The Yellow Background. Changes The Meaning Drastically

Image source: DJSalmonsloth

#34 This Door In My School

Image source: Unknown

#35 These Signs Are All Around My School, Let’s Sell Some Children!

Image source: RapeMaster123

#36 The Unfortunate Overhead View Of My School’s Library Desks

Image source: expressdefrost

#37 This Graph In My School’s Yearbook…

Image source: jazmine_carroll

#38 Stalls In School’s Bathroom

Image source: Shiawase__

#39 This Sign At My School

Image source: SupYoPeople

#40 My High School’s End Zone For Over 90 Years

Image source: athinnes

#41 My Friend’s New Locker Has A Huge Pipe Running Through It

Image source: Time2DoStuffCiaran

#42 After My School Had A Fire Alarm (Planned) I Noticed This

Image source: oyinad_is_yes

#43 Off Centre, Misspelled, Hard To See Road Markings At A Local School

Image source: ReverendPickleChips

#44 “High School”

Image source: reddit.com

#45 This Wrestling Painting At A High School

Image source: positiveParadox

#46 There Are Several Of These At My School And I Am Unlucky Enough To Be Right In The Corner

Image source: klaus2506

#47 Poster At My School. Lightbulb Looks Like A Noose

Image source: 1158523

#48 The Design School I Graduated From Sent This Postcard Out

Image source: edrini

#49 Found At My School

Image source: nicktheflick

#50 My High School Science Departments Lights

Image source: Domesniper

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