30 Architectural Fails That Will Make Every Architect’s Eyes Hurt

Published 5 years ago

Architecture is a unique art form where form is as equally important as function, that’s why architects spend years perfecting it. This perfection, of course, comes with a price – a price not everyone is willing to pay. “There’s no way I’m paying that much for something I can do myself,” says the self-proclaimed handyman as he picks up a hammer. Oh boy – that’s when the architectural shenanigans start.

Twitter user Sarah Schauer has recently asked her followers to share the worst design and architecture pictures people had and you better believe they did not disappoint. From unreachable rooms to pedestal toilets, check out the worst architectural nightmares people stumbled upon in the gallery below!

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Image source: galpalsalsa


Image source: DigestingNemo


Image source: KirissieS


Image source: TheUniBaller


Image source: itsNVSV


Image source: coupcat


Image source: DJmarsATTACKS


Image source: ColumbiaSkies


Image source: MeBeGacona


Image source: sflakesmasher86


Image source: realcarsonzoch


Image source: typohoe


Image source: iloveminio


Image source: kaitlinrounds


Image source: thisisfriv


Image source: marcvs93


Image source: papayasaur


Image source: DocNickie


Image source: lorig2828


Image source: ashvalenciaa


Image source: TheMelindaBeast


Image source: crusht28


Image source: hennyyrose


Image source: 1SassySuzee


Image source: GiGiNethers


Image source: thisisfriv


Image source: josephmicheal_k


Image source: Laylaymcd


Image source: Maggiebillings5


Image source: HandleOfRy

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