Farmer Catches Bears Stealing Honey And Decides To Turn Them Into Honey Tasters

Published 5 years ago

Everyone who has read Winnie the Pooh as a child knows one thing – bears love honey and would do everything to get some. Now, this might sound kind of cute but it’s actually quite a problem for some beekeepers as they sometimes break into bee farms and steal the honey, destroying the beehives in the process.

Fed up with the bears stealing honey, one Turkish beekeeper, Ibrahim Sedef, decided that if he can’t stop the bears, he might as well put their skills to some use.

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Image credits: DHA

Ibrahim is an agricultural engineer working in beekeeping, according to Turkish newspaper DHA, and has had problems with honey-craving bears for a long time.

Image credits: DHA

The man tried everything to protect the honey – from metal cages around the beehives to leaving other snacks for the bears to eat – but nothing worked.

Image credits: DHA

Ibrahim made peace with the fact that there was no stopping the bears from stealing the honey so he decided to try a little experiment. He decided to turn the bears into honey tasters.

Image credits: DHA

To do that, the man installed a night-vision camera and aimed it at a table with some honey samples.

Image credits: DHA

He prepared four samples for the bears to eat, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

Image credits: DHA

And the results showed that the bears have a rather expensive taste! For example, they did not even touch the cheapest cherry blossom honey.

Image credits: DHA

What the did like was the expensive Anzer honey – a famous Turkish honey that Ibrahim charges over $300 for two pounds.

Image credits: DHA

People loved Ibrahim’s experiment

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