New Beehive Invention Allows For Automatic Honey Extraction Without Disturbing Bees

Published 9 years ago

Extracting honey can be painful if you’re not prepared, and it stresses the bees as well. Fortunately, Australian father-and-son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson have come up with a solution: an auto-harvesting beehive that doesn‘t disturb the bees. Aside from the blindingly obvious benefit of no more angry bees, it also means a lot less work for the beekeeper and a lot less stress for the bees, too!

The invention is called the Flow Hive. The most important thing behind it is the system of partially assembled honey combs. Bees finish them with wax and fill them with honey. The cells then split vertically, and all the honey pours out and into your choice of container. The bees, probably more confused than angry, soon unplug and refill the cores.

The invention works with European Honey Bees (not their Australian murderbeast cousins), which is important: these bees are suffering from colony collapse disorder, in which worker bees just up and disappear. Considering the implications to agriculture – and the fact that nobody knows exactly why this is happening – keeping bees stress-free just might help.

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