1920s Women Clothing Style That Gave Birth To Modern Fashion

Published 8 years ago

Grim ordeals dominated the first half of the 20th century, but in between World Wars, there was this short period of prosperity and social innovation. The generation of the Roaring Twenties (1920s) laid the foundations to modern society, changing industry and social structures while also impacting less mentioned fields, such as fashion.

The wind of change was in the air, and people began to get rid of their conservative and restricting clothing style, giving it character and encouraging a much-needed diversity. Women started to wear short skirts and trousers and men’s suits were redesigned to the ones we now call the classic men’s suits, which haven’t changed much since the 1920s.

This notion of individual self-expression picked up and survived even through the turbulent times of the Second World War, paving the road for what we wear today. How’s that for a fashion statement?

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#1 French Born Actress Claudette Colbert In The Phantom President, 1922


Image source: John Kobal Foundation

#2 Women Drinking Coffee In A Terrace Of A Cafe, Paris, 1925


Image source: Branger

#3 Actress Adrienne Ames


Image source: Alfred Cheney Johnston

#4 Alden Gay Wearing Pearls And A Gown Of Black And White Georgette Crepe By Chanel, 1924


Image source: Edward Steichen

#5 Blues Singer Bessie Smith Poses For A Portrait Circa 1925 In New York City, 1925


Image source: Michael Ochs Archives

#6 Katherine Burke, Performed In The Ziegfeld Follies From 1925 To 1931


Image source: Alfred Cheney Johnston

#7 Greta Garbo, In Movie The Torrent, Wearing Adorable Hat, And Lovely Dress, 1926


Image source: ncartmuseum.org

#8 American Actress, Jean Arthur Playing Golf, 1920s


Image source: Keystone-France

#9 Woman Wearing Culottes And Smoking, 1928


Image source: Sasha

#10 American Actresses Joan Crawford And Dorothy Sebastian Enjoys A Picnic On The Beach, 1927


Image source: John Kobal Foundation

#11 Silent Film Actress Colleen Moore Basically Invented The Bob, 1929


#12 Teenaged American Actress Loretta Young Wearing A 1920s Metallic Lace Evening Dress, 1928


Image source: John Kobal Foundation

#13 Four Bathing Belles Shading Themselves With Parasols On The Beach At Skegness, 1926


Image source: Reg Speller

#14 Dancer, Singer And Actress Mary Eaton, 1921


Image source: Alfred Cheney Johnston

#15 American Actress Nancy Carroll, 1920s


Image source: hello-tuesday.deviantart.com


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