30 Incredibly Satisfying Examples Of Things Fitting Together Perfectly (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

I don’t know what it is about perfectly fitting things, but they always seem to satisfy the perfectionist that’s hidden inside every one of us. In fact, someone even started a whole subreddit that’s dedicated to this warm fuzzy feeling, and to say it is satisfying would be an understatement.

The subreddit in question is called Perfect Fit and it’s entirely dedicated to pictures of things fitting together the way the universe intended. Check out a collection of incredibly satisfying images shared in this online group below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 This Cheese Was Made For This Slice Of Bread

Image source: mbosman29

#2 Wrapping Paper Alignment

Image source: SFinTX

#3 I Was Told That This Would Fit Perfectly In Here

Image source: GuineaFowlItch

#4 My Dad Took This Photo Of The Sun

Image source: SMELLY__SOCKS

#5 Architectural Biscuit

Image source: narr___________eph

#6 No Space Lost

Image source: kosovarboy

#7 This Oval Picture Frame

Image source: peturthor17

#8 Found My Wedding Ring 3 Weeks Later…

Image source: sdracerr1

#9 My Friend Just Bought A House And Didn’t Think His Sectional Would Fit In The New Living Room

Image source: drums2191

#10 Years Of Playing Tetris Pays Off

Image source: Mr_PoodlePants

#11 My Wii On My New TV Stand

Image source: stuffandahalf

#12 Unfortunate Perfect Fit

Image source: pgePark

#13 My 5yr Old Refilled The Toilet Paper Drawer For Me. I Have Never Even Tried To Fit This Many In. I Need Some But I Don’t Want To Take One Out..

Image source: kmo11

#14 Gibson And Schecter Headstocks

Image source: a_touhou_fan_

#15 Found That On My Way Home

Image source: LordPiki

#16 This Comfy Lady

Image source: _brodre

#17 February 2021

Image source: Arshdsj

#18 Perfect

Image source: click_here_free_ipod

#19 12 Pack Of Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Image source: us-of-drain

#20 Can’t Believe My Luck

Image source: LukeNukem6

#21 My Omelette Du Fromage Accidentally Fits My Plate

Image source: Ectoplasmorphe

#22 Perfect Fit. Nightmare To Remove. Thanks Canada Post

Image source: Cow_k1ng

#23 Went To Open The Cabinet And It Slid The Ring Right Off My Finger

Image source: anonymousmouse2

#24 Extremely Happy With My Perfect Fit!

Image source: AmiableSandCat

#25 Someone Had A Bad Day But Got A Great Pic Out Of It

Image source: ArmadilloDays

#26 Any Smaller And My Stroopwaffle Wouldn’t Fit Atop My Coffee, But If It Was Any Bigger It Wouldn’t Evenly Heat

Image source: CjJcPro

#27 Chopping Board Was Spot On

Image source: dunn524

#28 The Way My Xbox One S Controller Fits Into My Beats Solo 2’s In This Case

Image source: johnsbrother07

#29 Perfect Fit: Sad Edition

Image source: 65165

#30 Sofa Was There First. Didn‘T Know What To Do With The Small Cabinet. It‘S Like It Was Made For This Spot

Image source: BenchMarcNanada

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