45 Times When Things Fit Together Perfectly

Published 6 years ago

Everyone loves the feeling of adding the last piece of the puzzle or that “swish” sound a basketball makes when it goes in without touching the rim. These kinds of things give us an unexplainable sense of satisfaction and calmness that we sometimes miss in our lives.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most satisfying things that fit together perfectly and they might be just what you need temporarily break away from the stress around you. Check them out in the gallery below!


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#1 This Vacuum Cleaner Under The Cabinet

Image source: ShirazGypsy

#2 This Hedgehog

Image source: りんご酢

#3 My 6’7″ Friend And The London Underground

Image source: jamaisvu99

#4 I Opened My Medication And Found 7 Pills Perfectly Stuck At The Top

Image source: ryckae

#5 It’s A Perfect Fit

Image source: FitssLife

#6 My Friend Found The Perfect Gloves

Image source: FIXEDGRIN

#7 The Way This Packing Material Fits In My Coworker’s Door Way

Image source: Elder_John

#8 We Bought A Used Sectional Over A Year Ago. Found Another One (Again, Used) Oriented The Opposite Direction For Our New Place. I Got Out The Measuring Tape And Discovered Something Truly Wonderful

Image source: MrCupps

#9 This Delivery Dude Must Have Felt So Good After Leaving This Package At My Apartment Building

Image source: spookybrain

#10 Watching That Happen Made The Water Even Better

Image source: leakrmusic

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