Artist Kept Drawing A Comic Every Day For His Girlfriend For 5 Years

Published 7 years ago

Let us introduce you to the lives of illustrator Pete Duffield and his life partner Kellie, who started dating 5 years ago and have been documenting every bit of their relationship in these comical illustrations.

“For the first few years no one except Kellie saw them but last year we decided to set up an Instagram page and since then we’ve been gradually building up a small and loyal following of super lovely, kind people. We’ve been overwhelmed by how positive and warm the support is,” Pete told Bored Panda.

“Now we also have a daughter, Poppy, and the illustrations have become a visual diary of everything, from us deciding to try for a baby, to the tough pregnancy, right through to her being the amazing toddler she is now.”

“I think people follow us because our illustrations are a really honest and candid look at relationships and daily life. The situations we show are very relatable and sometimes the kind of things people don’t readily discuss. I think the followers also enjoy the combination of very sweet, tender moments interspersed with silly, crude humor.”

“Kellie and Poppy are a daily inspiration to me, and I love the thought of the 3 of us in years to come looking back at all the illustrations and cherishing the happy and funny memories.”

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#1 The Time I Had Just Got Out Of The Bath And Didn’t Realise I Was Exposing Myself Whilst Watching TV

#2 When I’ve Turned Over To Go To Sleep But Kellie Wants Attention: Shit Gets Real Weird

#3 When Kellie Is Having A Hard Time I Try My Best To Help Her Through It, Because I Know She’ll Do The Same For Me. Take Care Of Each Other, Guys

#4 Warm Nights

#5 Anyone Else Do That Thing Where You’re So Tired You’re Actually Too Tired To Begin The Bedtime Routine, So You Just Continue To Sit There Exhausted?

#6 Sometimes Kellie And I Will Be Talking To Each Other When We’ll Suddenly Break Out In Spontaneous Silent Dancing

#7 When Kellie Is About To Give Me A Massage And Is Applying The Oil/lotion, She Pretends She’s A Guy Ejaculating On Me

#8 Kellie Sometimes Does This Weird Thing Where She Bares Her Teeth And Gums – We Call It The Old Dog Face – And Stares At Me In Silence Waiting For Me To Notice

#9 Spooning Technique No.73

#10 The Time I Didn’t Realize I Had A Hole In My Pants And My Balls Were Hanging Out


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