20 Stunning Winning Images From This Year’s Birth Photography Contest That Show How Badass Mothers Are

Published 6 years ago

While birth photography is not an extremely popular field yet, more and more mothers choose for these important moments of their lives to be immortalized in pictures. Most of the photos capturing a new life coming into this world are rather impressive so it is safe to say that the jury that was picking the best birth pictures 2018 had quite a difficult task on their hands.

The judges had to choose between 1,000 stunning entries that were competing in 5 different categories: Maternity, Labor, Birth, Fresh, and Breastfeeding. Over 20,000 people voted for their favorites too and determined the winners of People’s Choice prizes.

Scroll down to see the impressive winning images for yourself and check out the best pictures from the last year’s here.

Source:  Birth Becomes Her (h/t)

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#1 Overall Winner. Marijke Thoen Of Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie – Serving Lochristi, Belgium – “Stunning Siblings First Encounter”

Image source: Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie

#2 Maternity First Place. Jen Conway Of Jen Conway Photography Serving Greenville, Sc – “This Is What A Goddess Looks Like”

Image source: Jen Conway Photography

#3 Birth Third Place. Dominique Lamontagne Of Dominique Lamontagne Photography – Serving Ottawa, Ontario – “Caught In Between Worlds”

Image source: Dominique Lamontagne Photography

#4 Maternity Second Place. Melissa Benzel Of Benzel Photography – Serving Orlando, Florida – “Staying Afloat”

Image source: Benzel Photography

#5 Birth First Place. Selena Rollason Of Brisbane Birth Photography – Serving Brisbane, Au – “Half Born And Already Reaching For Mama”

Image source: Brisbane Birth Photography

#6 People’s Choice Category Winner – Birth. Caroline Devulder – Serving Ghent, Belgium – “Transition To Earth”

Image source: Caroline Devulder

#7 Birth Second Place. Neely Ker-Fox Of Ker-Fox Photography – Serving Columbus, Ga – “Fist Bump For Mom”

Image source: Ker-Fox Photography

#8 Breastfeeding Third Place. Christina Benton – Serving Milwaukee, Wi – “Stir Fry”

Image source: Christina Benton

#9 Labor First Place. Rebecca Coursey-Rugh Of Rebecca Coursey Photography – Serving Los Angles, Ca – “Nowhere And Everywhere”

Image source: Rebecca Coursey Photography

#10 People’s Choice Category Winner – Labor. Esther Edith Of Esther Edith Photography – Serving Spokane, Washington – “Three Souls Labor As One”

Image source: Esther Edith Photography


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