20 Winning Images From The 2022 Birth Photography Competition That Shows The True Miracle Of Birth

Published 2 years ago

With mothers opting for maternity photoshoots more often, the genre of “birth photography” is getting popular day by day. After all, if people document trivial moments of their lives, then why not document this miraculous journey of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood through some memorable photographs.

The “12th annual birth photography image competition” has received many wonderful pictures this year and all of them show the raw emotions behind the painful but amazing process of birth. Organized by “The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers”, this competition celebrating motherhood is unique and heart-touching. Check out some of the winning images from this year in the gallery below.

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#1 Honorable Mention: “Touch Of Love” By Dora Barens, Netherlands

Image source:  Dora Barens

#2 Best In Delivery: “Dad Catches His Baby Girl” By Sara Hunter, United States

Image source: Sara Hunter

#3 Best In Labor: “Accepting A New Plan” By Sara Avila, Mexico

Image source: Sara Avila

#4 Best In Postpartum: “Love Till Infinity” By Inge Berken, Netherlands

Image source: Inge Berken

#5 First Place: “A Touch Of Love” By Bárbara Aviz, Brazil

Image source: Bárbara Aviz

#6 Best In Birth Details: “She Roars” By Lindsey Bartell, United States

Image source: Lindsey Bartell

#7 Best In Postpartum: “Reunion” By Rachel Utain-Evans, United States

Image source: Rachel Utain-Evans

#8 Honorable Mention: “Life-Giving Nectar” By Lyubov Chaykovskaya, Russia

Image source: Russia

#9 Best In Delivery: “The First Look” By Ebony Allen-Ankins, Australia

Image source:  Ebony Allen-Ankins

#10 Honorable Mention: “A Calm Birth In Times Of Pandemic” By Susanne Krauss, Germany

Image source: Susanne Krauss

#11 Honorable Mention: “Transition Tears” By Ashley Marston, Canada

Image source: Ashley Marston

#12 Honorable Mention: “Exhale” By Natalie Broders, United States

Image source: Natalie Broders

#13 Honorable Mention: “Lean Into Me” By Lindsey Ellis, United States

Image source: Lindsey Ellis

#14 Members’ Choice: “Crying Dad” By Sara Hunter, United States

Image source: Sara Hunter

#15 Best In Delivery: “Euforia” By Inge Berken, Netherlands

Image source: Inge Berken

#16 Honorable Mention: “Daughters Of A Midwife” By Jessica Henderson, Australia

Image source: Jessica Henderson

#17 Best In Birth Details: “The Tiniest Feet” By Dania Lauren, Australia

Image source: Dania Lauren

#18 Best In Labor: “Ovarian Cancer Survivor – Hospital Transfer” By Sara Hunter, United States

Image source: Sara Hunter

#19 Honorable Mention: “Ecstacy” By Jacinta Lagos, United States

Image source: Jacinta Lagos

#20 Best In Postpartum: “Swimming Interstellar” By Hayden Trace, United States

Image source: Hayden Trace

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