20 Times Food Looked So Horrible, People Had To Share Pics In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

It’s very common to see aesthetically-pleasing photos of food on Instagram these days. And yes, aesthetics play a huge role when it comes to food – after all, who wants to eat something that looks disgusting, right?

Well, cooking is not as easy as it seems and sometimes people fail miserably and end up with unappealing food on their plates. And sometimes restaurant workers fail to make their food look appetizing. This Reddit community showcases some of the worst photos of food out there. Check out some of them in the gallery below.

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#1 Dumplings From The Hell’s Gate

Image source: 27thdivision

#2 Local Bakery Made These, All Profits Will Go To Colon Cancer Research.

Image source: bendegreef

#3 I Like To Eat Bread With Mashed Potatoes And People Tell Me That’s Not Normal

Image source: DanVo42

#4 Bagel Bite And Chicken Nugget Slider

Image source: bunnnnnnnnnnny

#5 $50 Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Image source: GaryHC

#6 Damn Damn Damn

Image source: sensational_sushant_

#7 I Noticed A Piece Of Broccoli On My Plate That I Thought Looked Like An Opossum Face So I Used It To Make A Little Food Opossum

Image source: idkdudejustkillme

#8 $59 Worth Of BBQ

Image source: wilymon

#9 Under A Tight Deadline, I Had To Stop Everything To Post My Wife’s Dinner

Image source: Roscoe_P_Trolltrain

#10 It May Look Kinda [bad] But I’m Still Grateful As It’s All From My Local Food Bank

Image source: ginseng-tea

#11 My Daughter’s Hotdog Made From Starburst

Image source: Bnickislim

#12 Al Dente

Image source: Instinctual777

#13 I Tried To Make Bread Using Only Flour And Water

Image source: rusted4

#14 Our Airbnb Had A Brick Oven. We Tried Making Pizza

Image source: fckn_oko

#15 Sandwich My Dad Likes To Eat, Raw Ground Beef With Raw Onions And White Pepper On Hard Bread

Image source: GerryDos

#16 My Kids School Lunch Today. Pancake Sausage Burger With Cheese

Image source: HostileBiscuits

#17 This Was $20

Image source: Anders13

#18 Peas And Mayonnaise Pizza

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Spider Man Saving His Own Cake

Image source: Bumble-Bee-Butt

#20 My Attempt At Baking A Brownie Turned Out Like A Before And After Picture Of Meth Addiction

Image source: pandyxxx

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