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Real Bananas Painted And Carved Into Geometric Sculptures

Published 8 years ago

Bananas seems to offer endless inspiration to artists. Romanian artist Dan Cretu made this Bananametrics series out of this yellow fruit. However, it wasn’t that yellow once Cretu finished his work. Carving out the peel and painting in such un-banana-like colors as pink, he created some strange, modern art. It probably doesn’t say much about the nature of man or the struggles of living in an urban environment, but it wouldn’t look out of place on a t-shirt in rave or a club. These are some of the most hip bananas out there.

Dan Cretu is a photographer with an eco-art bend. His photographs of fruit objects have to be made quickly, as the material deteriorates. He has had a lot of practice in it, too, having done various every-day-objects-made-from-food series before. The prints of those photos are sold on Cretu’s Etsy.

But this latest project is totally bananas.

More info: tumblr | behance | etsy (h/t: fubiz)

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