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4 Craftsmen Join Forces To Create World’s Smallest Japanese Meal That Fits Inside A Watch

Published 8 years ago

The constant rush of modern life forces us to make more and more compromises. And food is often the first casualty, but a group of specialists have combined forces to put an end to it. As a result, they came up with the Bento Watch.

This carefully designed watch holds a small portion of a traditional Japanese meal – bento. As part of the advertising campaign, Japanese agriculture company Takii has brought 4 specialists together: a watchmaker, a surgeon, a chef and a diorama artist. Using their unique skills they have created the world’s smallest bento box and fitted it inside a wristwatch.

Why would you ever want one? The idea is to highlight the nutritional content of the company’s veggies, so all your body needs can fit inside the compact design. Well, we wouldn’t vouch for that, but the design does seem cool. This watch even packs chopsticks, so you can enjoy your bento on the go. Yatta!

More info: youtube (h/t: spoon&

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See how it was made:


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