20 Cooking-Related Red Flags To Watch Out For, As Shared By People In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

In relationships, red flags always exist. And they give us a hard time assessing whether the relationship is worth continuing or not. Either way, one has to master how to identify such warning signs, and know how to address them.

The field of cooking isn’t a red-flag-free zone. As some netizens in this online thread pointed out, there may be some cooking misbehaviors that could scream “End the relationship!” Below, you’ll find the most questionable red flags one can raise in the kitchen!

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#1 Not Washing Their Hands

Image source: LongjumpingArm6916, Brenda Kochevar

No hand washing ?

#2 Purposefully Cooking Things Their Partner Doesn’t Like Or Is Allergic To

Image source: BlueRFR3100, Kara

If they are purposefully cooking things that their partner does not like or worse, that they are allergic to.

#3 Not Knowing How To Cook As An Adult

Image source: b3yondthegoblincity, E! News

Being a full-grown adult who doesn’t know how to cook

#4 Defending Mom’s Cooking Knowing She Has Poisoned It

Image source: Brewnonono, ActiveSteve

There was a letter to an advice column years ago, from a woman convinced her mother in law was slightly poisoning her every time they went to her house for dinner.

After every meal she grew violently ill and threw up/had diarrhea.

When she told her husband her suspicion he said she was crazy. His mother was a saint who adored her and would die before hurting her.

The advice columnist urged the wife to swap her plate with her husband’s during the next dinner. The woman wrote back saying she followed the advice and it was her husband who became violently ill after the meal.

When she told him what she’d done she said he looked at her with such loathing she realized he’d suspected what his mom was doing all along but, instead of standing up for her, he decided to gaslight her about her suspicions to avoid upsetting his mom.

Talk about your red flags.

#5 Seriously Judging Someone’s Taste

someone who judges my personal tastes so strongly that they allow it to threaten a (potential) relationship

Source: Digipawn

#6 Changing Oven Settings Without Being Asked

Image source: Rhodie114, Thomas van de Weerd

Touching the oven when I’m cooking. Had a friend “fix” the oven while I was reverse searing ribeyes a few years back so they’d cook faster. You know what happens to a ribeye when you leave it in the oven at 375 for an hour?

She did the same to a rack of ribs on another occasion. Saw that the grill was set to low and thought “That can’t be right.” Jacked it up to high without telling anybody, and treated us to a nice rack of charcoal chips for dinner.

#7 Saying That Msg Is Extremely Bad For Food

Saying that MSG is extremely bad for food.

Source: kitsunedj

#8 Not Clicking The Tongs Before Using Them

Image source: ForswornPheonix, Wuestenigel

Not clicking the tongs before using them.

#9 When Someone Doesn’t Cook But Are Picky Eaters

Image source: Joygernaut, John Loo

When they don’t know how to cook, refuse to cook, but are super picky when you cook for them. Nope nope nope

#10 Not Being Sanitary With The Food

Image source: Stay-Thirsty, Ryan Snyder

Haven’t seen cleanliness yet.

I’m not talking about pots, pans and dishes after (that should be negotiated or depends on who invited who. But one should always offer to help).

I’m talking about during preparation and cooking. For example, if you handle raw meat, you should use soap and warm water before touching anything else. Any possible contamination on a counter top, …

#11 Refusing To Eat Vegetables

Refuses to eat vegetables

Source: gordita_brunch

#12 Thinking ‘Browning’ Means Leaving In The Fridge To Turn Brown

Image source: thunder2132, Matthew Yglesias

My ex thought that “browning” ground meat meant leaving it in the fridge til it turned brown.

#13 Buying Food And Then Throwing It Away

Not necessarily cooking but it’s a pet peeve of mine when people buy things and just, don’t eat them but throw them away… watched my ex purchase a wonderful looking ice cream, sit and let it melt for half an hour, then get up and throw it away.

Source: Jenkinsthewarlock

#14 Not Worrying About Glass Shards In Food

Image source: Prestigious-Range-75, Robynne Blume

I knew a guy who dropped his $1 bottle of spaghetti sauce, jar broke in the bag. He goes and makes spaghetti…. With sauce. We ask if this is the same sauce…. Yup! He just pulled the chunks of glass out of it ?. I do not eat that spaghetti or anything he cooked after that

#15 Expecting A Cooked Meal

Image source: LurkingAintEazy, John Morton

Being a full grown adult that waits to be cooked for. Knowing full well, his spouse might also be working full time. But they won’t lift a finger to grab dinner on the way home or if already home toss something in the microwave.

#16 Being Ungrateful For Having Dinner Cooked For You

Image source: Big-Win6220, baron valium

I once decided to cook for a girl I was dating. It was pretty fresh at the time, third time I had seen her. I thought it might be nice to cook, have a wine and chat etc. as you do. While I was cooking she told me to stop talking so much and hurry up because she was hungry in a rude, annoyed tone. That turned me off to the point I didn’t see her again after that night!

#17 Not Helping To Clean Up After You Cooked

Image source: Chrispeedoff, Aaron Jacobs

You cook and they dont help clean

#18 Putting The Best Knives In The Dishwasher

Image source: ChimpyChompies, Christine Puccio

When they put your best knives in the dishwasher

#19 Making Fun Of Your Diet Restrictions

Making fun of your diet restrictions.

Source: kiwiparallels

#20 Preparing One Thing At A Time When Making A Meal

The last time I saw this question posted, a guy responded saying that his wife only makes one thing at a time when making a meal. Mashed potatoes until they’re done, then beginning the meat, etc. He hadn’t had a hot meal in years. That comment still haunts me.

Source: shorrrtay

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