Vegans Are Sharing The Worst Desserts Restaurants Served Them On Their Birthdays

Published 4 years ago

Being vegan is tough – and not just because of the constant vegan jokes. Mostly it’s due to the lack of food choices when going out to eat. Even though more and more restaurants have begun including vegan options in their menus, some still get the deer-in-the-headlights look when you ask if they serve vegan meals. And what do they do then? They improvise.

One Twitter user recently shared the “vegan” dessert she was served at a restaurant for her birthday. It was just a single slice of banana with a candle stuck in it and the words “Happy birthday” scribbled around it in chocolate. Now, this might sound pretty hilarious but it soon turned out she wasn’t the only vegan out there who got served a terrible improvised dessert.

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One Twitter user recently shared the hilarious “vegan” dessert she was served on her birthday

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Her mom captured her reaction

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Image credits: yazisAlright

This wasn’t the first time she had gotten a hilarious improvised dessert

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After Yazmin’s tweets went viral, the restaurant that originally served her the banana slice with a candle sent her a box of vegan cupcakes.

She later received a box of vegan cupcakes from the first restaurant

Image credits: yazisAlright

A vegan dessert shouldn’t just mean a plate of fruit or dairy-free ice cream. There are chefs out there that constantly prove vegan desserts can be just as delicious as regular non-vegan ones. As for the hilarious serving, chocolate syrup on a plate still doesn’t sound as bad as a latte served inside a hollowed-out carrot.

Other users shared the “vegan” desserts they’ve gotten at restaurants

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