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10+ Restaurants That Went Too Far With Food Serving

Published 2 years ago

There’s no shortage of competition among the restaurants, so to get that competitive edge some go an extra mile to make their food stand out. But these guys didn’t stop after one mile. They went all the way up to the border between mind-blowing and hilarious to provide us with some of the most ridiculous examples of food serving.

From serving a dish in a shoe to pouring coffee into a carrot, these chefs surely fired up all of their creative cylinders, and even if you have doubts about the taste of the end result, there’s still plenty of goodness to feast your eyes on. Enjoy the treat, it’s on us.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 I’m Speechless

Image source: xiupng

#2 Coffee In A Carrot

Image source: Locals Corner

#3 The Final Boss Of This Sub

Image source: lovetosaydada

#4 All That For A Strawberry Cut In Half

Image source: AmieKinz

#5 Breakfast Shovel

Image source: themcgician

#6 We Recall The Time A Customer Ordered An Orange Juice And Was Presented With This

Image source: WeWantPlates

#7 This Is Not What I Expected When I Ordered A Caesar Salad

Image source: pronounced_ing

#8 The Guy At The Table Next To Me Has Just Been Served The Most Sensational Scotch Egg. It Comes In A Trophy

Image source: JasonHazeley

#9 Meat Served On A Barbie Doll

Image source: astronautyes

#10 Cake Cups

Image source: GeneralGiggle


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