6 Funny Male Fashion Dos, Don’ts, And “Oh God, Please Don’ts”

Published 5 years ago

There are countless styles you can choose to rock as a man. Maybe you’re into street style and love wearing fresh Jordans and snapbacks. Or maybe you like to dress smart, opting for a suit instead of a jumper. Everyone can choose a style they love but there are some general fashion “don’ts” you should avoid – and some major “please don’ts” you shouldn’t even think about.

Content creator Jessica Saia was asked by The Bold Italic to put something together for a men’s fashion show and after teaming up with Isla Bell Murray, the two decided to try something less traditional. They created a list of male fashion dos and don’ts and it’s as accurate as it is hilarious.

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In an interview with Bored Panda, Jessica said this approach sounded much funnier and more interesting. “I had a friend sew the super-deep-V-neck and my friend Luke modeled for the photos,” said Jessica. “It was definitely one of the most fun articles I produced.”

Jessica says she is no fashion expert – she’s just someone who thought inverse cutoff shorts and socks over sandals was funny. “But I think there’s a spectrum of giving your wardrobe zero thought and way overthinking it,” explained the author. “There are a lot of guys in San Francisco who seem to just wear whatever free clothes their company gives them with the logo on it, and I find that sort of uninspiring… but hey, people have different priorities.” She says that her own partner wears the same thing every single day like a cartoon character, and it seems to work for him.





“Everyone has a favorite shirt or sweater; think about what you like about it and then try to find things that have those elements to it. Also, trying on a certain kind of jacket or pants that you’ve never worn before can be really surprising,” advised Jessica. “No matter what the style is, having things fit makes a huge difference. And it’s worth remembering that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, just behind the oil industry; so getting things that last or shopping at second-hand stores is a good way to go.”

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