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10+ Hilarious Clothing Disasters

Published 2 years ago

Being fashionable walks hand in hand with the most ridiculous attires out there, and nobody knows it better than these poor fellas who ended up on the wrong side of the spectrum.

The list below is filled with the most extraordinary fashion fails that were ever caught on camera, from the most inappropriate crotch patterns to hilarious letter combos that slipped through bored designer’s eyes.

Do you have something to add to the list? Share your fashion advice in the comments below!

(h/t: bored panda)

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#1 I Couldn’t Stop Giggling At Her New “Flower” Dress

Image source:

#2 Trollx Fabric Designer

Image source:

#3 Two Flamingos, One Vagina

Image source:

#4 Thanks For The Advice

Image source:

#5 Maybe Not The Best Idea To Have A Red Flower Down There

Image source:

#6 So My Name Is Brodie Jonas Dean, My Grandma Found This Shirt For Me Thinking It Was A Great Coincidence. Thanks Grandma

Image source:

#7 Secret Message?

Image source:

#8 It Says ‘Super Hitters’ In Case You Were Wondering

Image source:

#9 Bad Fashion Or Bad Timing?

Image source:

#10 When You See It, You Cannot Unsee It

Image source:


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