People Share 20 ‘Why The Hell Do You Know That’ Facts And Some Of Them Are Weirdly Specific

Published 4 years ago

Everyone loves to learn an interesting new fact every now and again – they’re great when you want to impress your friends! However, sometimes you come across facts that are just a little too weird to share with your friends. Although that doesn’t mean they’re not fascinating – they’re just kind of weird to bring up in a conversation.

Recently, Reddit user IamDK003 asked people to share some “Why the f*** do you know that” facts and received over 25 k answers in just a few days. And oh boy were some of them weird. Check out some bizarre and oddly specific facts shared by Reddit users in the gallery below! And if you want more interesting (and a little less creepy) facts, see our previous posts here and here!

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Image source: celestialdragonlord

Fidel Castro loved dairy so much that he invested in trying to breed a cow that could survive in the climate of Cuba and still produce a lot of milk. He failed over and over for years until one day a cow that was exactly to his specifications. She produced obscene, record breaking amounts of milk even for a regular cow and could live in Cuba’s sweltering climate. There were regular updates on her health in the Cuban national newspaper and he loved her so much that when she died he erected a huge marble statue of her in her honor


Image source: squidlygreen

Probably the most innocent fact here but- chickens (hens) have an egg song when they lay an egg. It’s like them yelling “I JUST LAID AN EGG! WOOOO!” And then the other hens chime in yelling “YAAAS SHE JUST LAID AN EGG! WOOO!”


Image source: WaterBearMoonCrash

Redheads require more anesthesia drugs to remain unconscious during surgery


Image source: ugagradlady

Many deaths in the Middle Ages resulted from pigs wandering into peasant homes and eating babies out of their cradles


Image source: TheFatMexican09

A sock over a baseball bat is a really effective home defense weapon. If they grab the bat, the sock will make the bat slip out of their grasp and you can continue beating them until they get out


Image source: ImNotThaaatDrunk

Licking marshmallows and sticking them on a car on a night below freezing will cause the marshmallows to adhere so strongly that if they are removed while still frozen they will take the car paint with them


Image source: OurLadyofMorningStar

If you feel the need to stab someone, stab oranges. They’re the same consistency as human flesh


Image source: dubt53

I broke my collar bone and had to have physical training to strengthen it. They had me squeeze some equipment to measure my grip strength. I hit 140 lbs. He said “Holy crap, thats great! You know, It only takes 50 lbs to strangle someone.” My first question was why the f*** do you know that??


Image source: Minerx_Thomas_YT

Hedgehogs [poop] when they run fast therefore if sonic the hedgehog was real he would [pooped] himself to death


Image source: DelusionalDonut13

Imagine this:

You’re walking down the road, and you see a car crash. Someone gets out of a car, and you realize it’s someone you know, so you call their name. They turn, and crumple to the ground.

What happened? They dislocated a bone in their neck, and when they turned their neck, they fully snapped it. There’s a bunch of stories of this happening to people, which is very scary.


Image source: jelilikins

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a really popular novel, and was made into a stage play. The actor playing the eponymous role(s) was so good at switching from the good doctor to the evil Hyde that people wrote to the police claiming that he absolutely had to be the real Jack the Ripper (who was thought likely to be a qualified doctor based on the way he dissected his victims). They thought no normal person would be able to make such a transformation.


Image source: PanicEnthusiast

You can fit ×8 250lb* (intact) human bodies (supine) in the back of a 2001 Subaru Outback wagon. Fold down the back seat and toss em in. Source: moved training dummies for an Army first aid class. Got pulled over because a hand was out and “reaching.” Sherriff walked up, saw the dummies, laughed and told me to have a nice day after explaining the call.


Image source: sharknado523

It’s illegal to be intoxicated in a bar in Alaska.

I won a trivia game at work because I happened to know this obscure fact. The lady organizing it accused me of cheating because no one had ever known the answer to “in which state is it illegal to be drunk in a bar?”

I’ve known it for so long I don’t even remember where I learned it.


Image source: mikefranks88

Before clocks were invented clockwise and counter clockwise were called deisul and widdershins


Necropants are a pair of pants made from the skin of a dead man, which are believed in Icelandic witchcraft to be capable of producing an endless supply of money

Image source: goblinsexologist


Image source: artparade

An important predator to the Canadian Moose is the Killer whale. The Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by the killer whales.


Image source: mctoasterson

If you have a shrimp allergy you also can’t eat cicadas


If you squeeze a male’s testicles hard enough, the adrenaline overload can kill him.

Do with that information as you wish.

Image source: ReddieForTheUnknown


Image source: WhyY_196

Male hedgehogs masturbate for pleasure and you have to be careful picking them up because sometimes they have semen on their feet. It’s something you have to look out for when you’re a hedgehog owner like myself


Butterflies sometimes drink blood.

Dogs like squeaky toys because the noise reminds them of small animals dying.

It’s not actually known how anaesthetics work.

Also on the note of anaesthesia, until the 80s they weren’t used on babies because it was believed they couldn’t feel pain.

On average, you walk past 15 murderers in a lifetime.

Image source: HelloAutobot

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