30 Times People Completed Amazing Embroidery Projects And Shared Them In This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

When it comes to embroidery, a lot of people see it as a hobby that’s only enjoyed by grandmothers who love decorating old tablecloths with flowers. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth and the talented artists of Reddit’s r/Embroidery community will prove you that it’s so much more than that.

The subreddit in question has nearly 440k members who regularly share their most impressive embroidery projects, and they’re absolutely jaw-dropping. Check out some of the best embroidery works shared in this online group below! And if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 Cockatiel

Image source: reddit.com

#2 A Crow I’ve Been Embroidering For A Few Months Now. Still Gotta Give Him Feet And A Rock To Stand On

Image source: shelbyelizabethart

#3 This Embroidery Took Me Over 40 Hours To Finish But I’m So Proud Of It!

Image source: Florally

#4 I Made A Little Reference Piece For My Future Embroidery Projects. No More Guessing How Many Strands I Should Use And Regretting It Later

Image source: NeedlessDesigns

#5 2nd Finished Hoop, Inspired By Hawaii! Experimented W/ Layering Tulle For Water Depth

Image source: DallasNagataWhite

#6 A Really Impressive Embroidered Kitchen Garden

Image source: scramsamsax

#7 I’m So Proud To Share My Embroidery Progress From 2014 – 2020. No Talent Here, Just Hours And Hours Of Practice And Hard Work!

Image source: Florally

#8 Diving

Image source: bluehydrangea

#9 Floating Embroideries. Embroidery On Tulle Using Silk Ribbon, Tapestry And Threads

Image source: linenandfred

#10 Dr Jill Bidens Coat For Inauguration Night, Featuring All 50 State Flowers. Uruguayan-American Designer Gabriela Hearst Said Each Flower To Between 2-4 Hours By Hand

Image source: everybodylovesmemore

#11 Bubbles!

Image source: hvalur87

#12 Thought I’d Practice Some Outlines For Spooky Season… Then I Looked At The Back

Image source: chippidy56

#13 Tried My Hand At That Koi Pond Embroidery. I Love How It Turned Out! It’s A Gift For My Sister Who Loves Koi

Image source: crazycatlady1919

#14 I Made Some Hand Embroidery Design On Sweaters For A Friend And This One Is My Favorite

Image source: riaparamita

#15 This Tabby Cat Has So Many Layers Of Stitches That It’s Giving Me A Full Arm Workout

Image source: Florally

#16 I’ve Really Tried To Improve My Embroidered Cat Portraits This Year And I’m So Happy About How This One Came Out! I Almost Quit A Few Times And Started Over But It All Worked Out In The End

Image source: Florally

#17 I Used The Holidays To Finish My Lady And The Tramp Design. I Hope You Like It!

Image source: HardcoreLock

#18 A 3D Skeleton In The Undergrowth

Image source: t0nkatsu

#19 Made This Yesterday

Image source: Chuckbigtooth

#20 Duck

Image source: bluehydrangea

#21 My Take On Homer. I Never Expected How Many Hours (And Meters Of Thread) This Is Going To Take But The Result Was Totally Worth It!

Image source: Comiltove

#22 I’m Not Creative, But My Therapist Suggested I Try Embroidery To Help With My Anxiety. When I Started This Pre-Drawn Pattern I Didn’t Even Know How To Hold A Needle, Took It One Stitch At A Time. There Were A Lot Of Mistakes, But I’m Chuffed! I Hope You Like It

Image source: CarelessFix

#23 Brand New At Posting On Reddit, But I Brought This Little Pink Cow To Say Hi!! I Hope It… Amooses You

Image source: _bitterblooming

#24 Honey Bee Embroidery On A Guitar Strap

Image source: Mossandfeather

#25 First Time Posting Here, Fourth Kit Completed

Image source: dandyandersen

#26 My First Embroidered Landscape! This Took Me 4 Months To Finish!

Image source: Lov3sther

#27 Fish

Image source: hvalur87

#28 Embroidered My Corduroys Today

Image source: spookened

#29 My Girlfriend Just Passed Away But This Was The Last Thing She Embroidered. It’s A Bowl Of Ramen, Our Favorite Thing To Eat Together

Image source: HugoMcChunky

#30 The Finished Little Birdie In Docs!

Image source: Oh-Sew-Amelia

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