10+ Times Kids Came Up With Amazing DIY Inventions

Published 7 years ago

Above all PhDs and engineering degrees, you need to be creative and resourceful to come up with something awesome. And who else could we turn to for these qualities if not to the forever curious kids?

Here we have a list of these young creatives who, despite having very limited resources, still managed to pull off these amazing DIY projects.

Prepare to get inspired and don’t forget the comments section, where you can (and should) post your very own DIY projects!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Never Drop A Book On The Bath Again. My 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Invention

Image source: crash-from-space

#2 My Son Tells Me He Made A Home Theater

Image source: thedrummist

#3 This Is How My Son Tracks Positions During Nascar

Image source: jdinmd

#4 My Girlfriend’s 9-Year-Old Daughter: “I Invented This So I Don’t Have To Stop Playing Videogames To Drink My Water”. I’ve Dubbed It The “Pwning Pouch”

Image source: imawesome667

#5 My 9-Year-Old Cousin’s Invention. I Think He Did Good

Image source: BrianCTaylor55

#6 This Kid Is Going Places

Image source: arvzg

#7 I Asked For An iPad Holder For The Kitchen And Got A Lego One With “Mom” On It

Image source: cant.sit.still

#8 Brilliant

Image source: CharlieDarwin2

#9 Multi Tasking Like A Pro!

#10 Phone Not Loud Enough? Natalie’s Got You Covered

Image source: kerri_walters


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