30 DIY Projects That Probably Shouldn’t Have Seen The Light Of Day

Published 4 years ago

Nothing beats the feeling of setting out to do a DIY project and actually completing it. However, not all projects are created equal – and there are ones that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of day. And the /r/DiWHY subreddit is dedicated entirely to these projects.

The subreddit in question is full of projects from people who should have their hot glue gun privileges revoked, and they range from nonsensical to outright crazy. Mood ring toilet seats, teeth lighters, eyelashes made of bug legs, and much more – check out all of the crazy DIY projects submitted to this subreddit in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous post about ‘redneck engineering’ here!

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#1 Something I Found On Twitter

Image source: EmilyHatzar

#2 Bumper Rockery

Image source: the123king-reddit

#3 This Mailbox

Image source: RabiesRaisinss

#4 I Made A Candle From The Wax Casing Of Baby Bel Cheeses…

Image source: ThatGuyInTheCornerEd

#5 Feeling Insecure About How Unoriginal And Boring Your Bathroom Tile Grout Is? Want To Make A Statement? Simply Just Cover It Up With Some Glitter Glue!

Image source: dtx1984

#6 This Great Wall Of China

Image source: McDirty09

#7 I’m Scared

Image source: Ilovemychicken1013

#8 This Toilet Seat Cover

Image source: badbitchbeys

#9 This Guy Built A Mini-Door Complete With Doorknob Into The Front Door At The Place He’s Renting, For His Cat Stanley

Image source: BurritoBoy11

#10 My Uncle’s Christmas Tree

Image source: Sketch_Crush

#11 “Can You Pass The Salt Before It Falls Into The Trough Again Please”

Image source: libertetrading

#12 When You Want The Person Overtaking Behind You Have A Heart Attack

Image source: UNSC-COMMsNO1379

#13 I Made A Ram Guitar Pick

Image source: BlackAngus03

#14 Porcelain With Handpainted Ants

Image source: FoRealDoh

#15 Real Fake Doors

Image source: indigofire1o8

#16 Excuse Me What

Image source: IvanaDrago

#17 5 Minute Craft

Image source: PowerRangers69

#18 Liam Nissan

Image source: reddit.com

#19 I Hate It But Kind Of Like It!

Image source: slothmk1

#20 Excuse Me I Need To Ride My Piece Of Wood To School

Image source: The-Quantum-Man

#21 Ice Cream Bowl

Image source: Improvis2

#22 Thought It Belonged Here

Image source: i_am_chewbacca

#23 Good Lord

Image source: niko13107

#24 I Never Thought I’d See Anything Like This In My Own Town

Image source: darrenja

#25 Just Saw This On Twitter

Image source: ybbaaabby

#26 It’s Not A Crack House, It’s A Crack Home

Image source: gabrieltwin

#27 Please Don’t Try This

Image source: Inotlife

#28 Why Just Why

Image source: JoseGiraffe

#29 My 9 Year Old Daughter Bedazzled Our Remote. It’s Very Pretty But Quite Challenging To Find The Button You Need

Image source: spankybianky

#30 That Is An Actual Piece Of Bread.. Covered In Cement, Being Used As A Table Coaster

Image source: Dominik_DarkLight

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