30 Funny Examples Of ‘Redneck Engineering’ Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Sometimes things tend to break whether we like it or not – and we don’t always have all the tools necessary to fix them on hand. That’s when we have to resort to using whatever we have on hand, often coming up with ridiculous DIY solutions that would make MacGyver proud. And some people actually loved these impromptu fixes so much, they even started a whole subreddit dedicated entirely to them.

The subreddit in question is called ‘Redneck Engineering‘, and it’s an absolute goldmine of both genius and absolutely ridiculous DIY fixes that people managed to come up with on a whim. From duct tape paint jobs to makeshift toasters, check some of the best examples of ‘redneck engineering’ in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our previous post here!

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#1 Damn, That’s A Clean Duct Tape Paint Job

Image source: lord_vader_jr

#2 An Upside Down Umbrella Keeps All Your Tools And Fittings From The Bottom Of The Ocean

Image source: Craptivist

#3 I See Nothing Wrong With This

Image source: xarzilla

#4 Rain Shower Heads Are Not Cheap So

Image source: beetlejules57

#5 Does This Count? Seen In Devon

Image source: benjm88

#6 Homemade Alarm System

Image source: Subtotalpoet

#7 Now That’s One Well Engineered Redneck Wood Pile

Image source: verity519

#8 Just Don’t Bring It To The Boil

Image source: dmanning283

#9 Think Smart

Image source: carson0412

#10 Old Boat As Pool

Image source: dustindee

#11 7 Wheels Are Better Than 4?

Image source: cold_in_ottawa

#12 When Someone Buys You A Bath Bomb And You Only Have A Shower

Image source: preludachris8

#13 Hello And Welcome To Poland

Image source: eggmcgginton

#14 Slavic Redneck Piping

Image source: anyaeversong

#15 This Took A Good Year Or Two To Make

Image source: saturnn22

#16 Mad Angler With Mad Homemade Vessel


#17 When You Forget Your Spoon At Home

Image source: NoWasExpected

#18 I Give You The Double Decker Sofa. Ideal For Game Night With The Guys

Image source: thievery127

#19 How To Do Laundry While Living In A Vehicle. Available Programs; Off-Road, Highway And City

Image source: Curledsquirl

#20 The Ultimate Defense

Image source: JoeyDee86

#21 Seen At A Hospital In Argentina, Latin American Countries Are A Goldmine For These

Image source: IngFavalli

#22 My Dad Sends Me A Picture Whenever He Uses The Turkey Fryer I Bought Him. Today, He’s Seemingly Cooking For The Guys At His Shop With The Help Of A 30t Overhead Crane

Image source: Bananaramas

#23 It Caught On Fire Last Year. But This Year I Give You Portable Fire Pit 2.0

Image source: d-real87

#24 How To Truck Camp In The Winter (Found In Local Classified)

Image source: jRqGv

#25 Found This One

Image source: Mylo-s

#26 This Dude Was Towing A Shed With A Lawnmower

Image source: B0ok_wyrm

#27 No Toaster? No Problem

Image source: zDraxi

#28 Stick Fix

Image source: dustindee

#29 Okay, Sir, I Fixed Your Air Conditioner

Image source: EternalSophism

#30 I Took A Free Broken Laptop And Hooked It Up To A Monitor, Used The Monitor Box As The Holder. Been Using It Daily For Almost A Year No Problems

Image source: b3nchvis3

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