25 Examples Of The Absurd Levels Some People Go To With Image Editing Tools

Published 1 year ago

One thing that’s become quite common on social media is edited images. Folks are still quite happy to use Photoshop software to enhance their images despite the negative flak it has received of late. From airbrushed faces to abs, there seems to be no end to how far people will go using this tool to make themselves look better, sometimes even to the point of ludicrousness. 

The Instagram Reality community finds all sorts of such material which go beyond ridiculous. Scroll below for a series of images that take digital editing to the point of absurdity and really all we can do is watch in horrified enthralment.

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#1 Finally Found One In The Wild

Image source: dumbnerd01

#2 I Bet The Sun Is Not Real Either

Image source: Matalata13

#3 Her Shadow Had Me Rolling

Image source: BlueMagpieRox

#4 What Did I Just Lay My Eyes Upon? ?

Image source: alialattraqchi

#5 The Difference Between Her And The Fella Is Incredible

Image source: Cat_Friends

#6 Wants People To Think She Hasn’t Aged Since 1999

Image source: Far-Conflict4504

#7 Found This On Twitter And They Look Like How One Piece Draw Their Female Characters I’m Crying

Image source: zeillyday

#8 Everyone In The Comments Prasing His “Golden Genetics”

Image source: Csipedet

#9 Picture This Lady Uses For Her Mlm Profile vs. Her Fb Pictures

Image source: KlassyKlutz

#10 It’s Not Me It’s You

Image source: Uaquamarine

#11 In The Wild…

Image source: lilcrystalface

#12 Finally Found One In The Wild

Image source: vikezz

#13 It’s Always Weird When People From TV Shows Photoshop Their Pictures As If We Don’t Know What They Actually Look Like

Image source: alison_johannsen_

#14 Turkish Reality Show Contestant Instagram vs. First Episode Of The Show

Image source: missparsley

#15 Editing Your Client’s Body For Instagram Aesthetic Look…

Image source: frothingcookie

#16 All His Photos Are Like This

Image source: areyouacoolmayor

#17 The Joker But Make It Chic

Image source: SnooDoughnuts3166

#18 Found On Vinted. Even The Shadows Are Confused

Image source: Official_Aurora

#19 Editing Yourself To An Entirely Different Race

Image source: killallkillmyself

#20 Interesting Proportions

Image source: DrTralfamadorian

#21 Instagram vs. Reality TV

Image source: 12mediumSizedDucks

#22 She Says She Uses Filters Just To Color Correct

Image source: Undercover-Capybara

#23 Same Person. One Of The Most Prolific Photoshoppers On Earth

Image source: AgencyOnly4509

#24 Found One!

Image source: FrasierCranesB**ch

#25 The Most Fucked Up Part Of All These Fake Instagram Pictures Are The People In The Comments Believing It’s Real

Image source: gravitysfault

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