20 Times Someone Spotted An Embarrassing Photoshop Fail On A Celebrity Photo

Published 1 year ago

It’s easy to forget how flawed superstar reality is when we are constantly bombarded with perfect images online from these celebs and influencers alike. The worst part is that what we see influences our expectations of beauty. Even though we know that these look-focused individuals are heavily dependent on filters and editing apps to create that picture-perfect image. 

If this weren’t the case, we wouldn’t have the content to create this post. The number of famous faces and bodies that are heavily photoshopped to achieve that unrealistic look is clearly evidenced in the pics below. While some are obvious others show where some eagle-eyed folks spotted exactly where the edits were made and we have to admit it’s pretty crazy how far some peeps will go to feed into this facade. 

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#1 Madonna Called Out For Photoshopping Her Face Onto A Fan’s Body

Image source: madonna, ameliamgoldie

#2 Zendaya Pointed Out That Her Photo Was Edited By The Magazine, Which Later On They Fixed. Edited vs. Unedited

Image source: zendaya

#3 Jake Paul’s Digitally Exaggerated Shoulder Muscles

Image source: jakepaul

#4 Britney Spears’ Warped Chest Of Drawers

Image source: britneyspears

#5 Differences Between The Original Footage Of The Reality Show Keeping Up With The Kardashians And The Photo She Posted On Her Instagram Account

Image source: khloekardashian, dcagiunta

#6 Selena Gomez’s Curvy Doorframe

Image source: hungvanngo, selenagomez

#7 David Guetta Shows Off His Abs In His Shared Instagram Photo, But The Parts Of The Background Look A Bit Wonky

Image source: davidguetta

#8 People Noticed Kim Kardashian’s Fingers Still In Her Hair Despite The Fact She Has Both Hands On The Wall

Image source: kimkardashian

#9 This Famous Selfie Of Kim Kardashian And Blac Chyna. Look At Those Warped, Curvy Doors And Tiled Floors

Image source: kimkardashian, kimkardashian

#10 The Wall Behind Jessica Biel Bends Together With Her Silhouette

Image source: jessicabiel

#11 We’ve All Seen Madonna’s Face Smoothing, But The Clone Stamp Arm Gone Wrong

Image source: madonna

#12 Lindsey Lohan’s Photoshop Fail

Image source: lindsaylohan

#13 Ariana Grande And Her Long Thumb/Hand

Image source: arianagrande

#14 Khloe Kardashian And Her Unusually Big Hand

Image source: khloekardashian

#15 The Heavy Airbrushing Used In This John Mayer’s Instagram Picture

Image source: johnmayer

#16 Kylie Jenner Deleted A Picture After Fans Noticed This Photoshop Fail

Image source: kyliejenner

#17 This Time When Britney Spears Photoshopped Her Waist To Make It Look Slimmer And Then Forgot To Edit The Pool Tiles Back In

Image source: britneyspears

#18 Rihanna’s Thumb

Image source: badgalriri

#19 Emily Ratajkowski Posted This Photoshopped Photo By Photographer

Image source: emrata

#20 Fans Were Quick To Notice Kim Kardashian’s Warped Leg In Her Now-Deleted Instagram Picture

Image source: kimkardashian

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