30 Of The Most Unfortunate Kitchen Fails (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

If there’s one thing that Ratatouille has taught us, it’s that anyone can cook. However, just because someone can cook doesn’t mean they should – and today we have prepared a collection of images that prove it.

People online are sharing pictures of their most unfortunate cooking blunders, and they’re absolutely hilarious. Weird cakes, spilled beans, trunks full of currywurst and much more – check out some of the funniest kitchen fails in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 This Was Way Cuter When I Pictured It In My Head

Image source: howierid

#2 Dumplings From The Hell’s Gate

#3 Turned My Back For A Minute And She Peed In 20 Cups Of Uncooked Rice

Image source: TheLoxFox

#4 Here Is My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma. She Was Having A Hard Time With The Mixer

Image source: Bungalowbeast

#5 My Crescent Rolls Came Out Looking Like Walruses That Just Can’t Anymore

Image source: chiquitamichi

#6 My Wife Likes To Keep Dog Food Beside Coffee Beans. Guess What I Did At 5:30 Am This Morning

Image source: Chaosbutters87

#7 My Bff Just Melted Her Favorite Pot. I Didn’t Even Know That Was Possible

Image source: hibellagrace

#8 Making Brownies Didn’t Go As Planned

Image source: 55555

#9 So We Had Pizza And Tears For Dinner. So Much For That Shepherd’s Pie

Image source: MrsMolotov420

#10 You Ever Mess Up Burgers So Bad That Even Your Grill Is Surprised?

Image source: Bloodycrabs

#11 New Style Ribs. Introducing: Hell Done

Image source: DilligafDiva

#12 The Way My Pasta Spilled

Image source: Nvr2Much

#13 Having Currywurst In Your Trunk

Image source: Clyde_Ju

#14 My Sister Tried Making Popcorn At Work Today… Didn’t Go Very Well

Image source: flooptyscoops

#15 You Did Your Best, Chef

Image source: CrystalProtocol

#16 My Wife Worked For An Hour On This Peach Crisp And Burst Into Tears Right Before My Parents Showed Up To Our House

Image source: kent_ankerous

#17 See Those Eggs? They Are Supposed To Be In The Pies. I Made Two Hot Oily Chocolate Garbage Circles

Image source: themattcrumb

#18 Nightmare Lamb Cake

Image source: boneskull

#19 My Attempt At Baking A Brownie Turned Out Like A Before And After Picture Of An Addiction

Image source: pandyxxx

#20 Yes, This Was Freshly Made Hot Sauce

Image source: reddit.com

#21 I’m An Idiot And My Wife Won’t Stop Laughing At Me

Image source: Shaneblaster

#22 I Tried My Grandmother’s Donut Recipe And I Have To Admit, It Kinda Stinks

Image source: merrell0

#23 Finally Made A Good Lattice Crust Then I Went And Knocked My Cactus Onto It

Image source: fabuji

#24 Accidentally Baked A Fly Into My Cookies

Image source: ComfyInDots

#25 Pizza That Looks Like Lava

Image source: 1115_clkura

#26 Failed Baked Bread, May I Ask If I Underbaked It, Over Fermented It, Or Had Too Much Yeast? I Ate 3 Of Them In Anger

Image source: tuxiaobai

#27 I Was Very Excited To Try To Make French Omelette This Morning. It Was Going Well Until It Quickly Went From Omelette Au Fromage To Omelette Au Floormage

Image source: laripop

#28 What’s The Worst Thing To Find After You Took The Last Batch Of Cookies Out? The Real Cinnamon

Image source: MhmCandii

#29 My Dumbest Injury, I Was Flipping A Steak In A Curved Pan, Like Flat Bottom Wok, And All The Butter Splashed Out

Image source: Vicarious124

#30 Moved The Flour Away From The Kid So He Wouldn’t Make A Mess… And I Knocked It Off The Counter With My Elbow

Image source: SubrinaSky

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