40 Times People Tried Cooking Things And Failed Miserably

Published 4 years ago

If you’ve ever watched the 2007 animated film Ratatouille, you probably remember Chef Gusteau’s famous quote: “Anyone can cook.” But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And some people learned this the hard way.

People are sharing their most hilarious cooking fails online, and it’s pretty clear that some of them should steer clear of kitchens for good. From caramel that looks like molten lava to cakes that will hunt your nightmares, check out all the times people tried cooking stuff only to fail miserably in the gallery below!

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#1 Tonight Was Foreign Culture Night In My House So I Decided To Cook A Traditional Dish From Pompeii

Image source: CarbonChainz

#2 Sausage Rolls

Image source: Fibutton

#3 I Was Making Home Made Chicken Stock. After Simmering For Hours, The Recipe Said To Pour It Through A Strainer. God Damn It

Image source: moby323

#4 We Tried To Make “Ladybug Rolls”

Image source: marsmedia

#5 Yikes

Image source: ZombieRiot

#6 My Sister Made Some French Fries

Image source: janky_doodle

#7 Husband Tried To Make A Dolphin For My Cocktail. It’s The Cutest Eel I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: CharmingtheCobra

#8 My Friend Made A “Hedgehog” For Her 14-Year-Old Son’s Birthday

Image source: YouKnowYoohoo

#9 I’ll Never Be Someone’s Bride

Image source: _lquestionl_

#10 My Night After Work

Image source: Symmetry888

#11 Creepy Pancake

Image source: miiiccczzz

#12 Friend Sent Me This. Composition: “Dad Tried To Make Wine”

Image source: Nikoleta Kacaitė

#13 Making Some Spaghetti

#14 Someone Left A Bread Pudding In The Back Of The Oven For 5 Days. So Here Is My New Pet Rock, Charlie

Image source: WetDumpling

#15 My Apple Broke The Apple Cutter And Now I Have A Weapon

Image source: rmbrmeforcenturies

#16 Go To Make Pasta, The First Pot Slips And I Pour It All On The Ground. Make A Second Pot And The Handle Straight Up Breaks And My Pasta Goes Everywhere. Didn’t Eat; Had A Lil Cry

Image source: SuitsAndStripes

Not to mention that firstly I came home late from work and drop my open sandwich in the parking lot.

#17 Apparently Using A Syringe To Inject The Filling Of A Jelly Bun Doesn’t Work That Well

Image source: 9999monkeys

#18 Found The Spoon, Honey

Image source: ihavesoreballs

#19 I Baked Some Strawberry Cakes In Cat-Shaped Pans, Then Iced Them. They Came Out Looking Like Burn Victims

Image source: 03mark87

#20 5 Minutes Before Closing After A 12-Hour Shift

Image source: aceee13

#21 So My Wife Grilled Corn Tonight. For 2 1/2 Hours

Image source: therallyking

#22 I Tried To Bake

Image source: AbeLincolnLapDance

#23 This Sums Up My Day. Why Isn’t My Stock Simmering… It’s Been Over An Hour

Image source: ActualNameIsLana

#24 I Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate This. Made A Pie Today. Dropped A Pie Today

Image source: beely_yumyum2x2

#25 Boiled An Egg This Morning And I Think Something Went Horribly Wrong

Image source: samcornwell

#26 Thought You Guys Might Like This Pie I Baked

Image source: JustAnotherElsen

#27 Broiled Sids

Image source: AmandineLeroy

#28 Tried Cooking A Sweet Potato In My New Air Fryer Today

Image source: vo_xv

#29 My Sister Made My Brother A Birthday Cake

Image source: AGBell97

#30 Guess I Cut It A Little Too Hard

Image source: pokemon-collector

#31 Well I Tried

Image source: think_up

#32 Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sister’s First Ever Turkey

Image source: Lovethe3beatles

#33 I Tried To Make A Cake With A Lobster Shaped Dish

Image source: chapstickwow

#34 My Submission For Dumbest Way To Injure Yourself: I Burnt My Hand Taking Tomato Soup Out Of The Microwave. The Toast I Was Making Popped Up And It Scared Me

Image source: missouriprincess

#35 This Cake

Image source: maksetamo_

#36 Bake Bread They Said. An Overnight Rise Will Taste So Good They Said. Put In The Fridge They Said. It’s So A Rewarding Hobby They Said

Image source: thefirstdetective

#37 When All I Want To Do Is Make Spaghetti, But All Signs Point To It Not Happening

Image source: imgur.com

#38 Still Looking For An Answer On How This Happens

Image source: _aniebananie9

#39 Attempted To Make Flower Pancakes For My Wife As A Mother’s Day Surprise But They Ended Up Looking Like Corona Cakes

Image source: ChopperNYC

#40 A Beast Cheesecake

Image source: tomagkelly

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