This Malaysian Facebook Group Collects The Most Hilarious Cooking Fails (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

The coronavirus quarantine is a great opportunity to improve your skills as a chef. “No more hot dogs and frozen pizzas for breakfast,” you say to yourself as you order a bunch of fresh ingredients using your local food delivery app. From now on you’ll be cooking everything for yourself and no one is going to stop you. However, the reality is that things rarely go as planned and what was supposed to be a delicious steak can quickly end up looking like a lump of coal.

Just in case your first (or second, or third) cooking attempt didn’t really turned out the way you planned, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Some Malaysians even created a Facebook group dedicated to hilarious cooking fails titled “Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni” (“What Booboo Did You Cook Today”) and it already has over 1.7 million members. From brain-like cakes to sad omelets, check out the funniest cooking fails submitted to this group in the gallery below!

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Image source:  Noor Syahida Sapuan


Image source:  Hazily Hariss


Image source: Dila Fadzrey


Image source: Salmah Wan Mat Alie


Image source: Asyraf Zakaria


Image source: Möhd Näzmié


Image source: Hafiz Lempeng


Image source: Port Share


Image source: Azma Wati


Image source: Nurul Syamimi


Image source: Haiza Mor


Image source: Khairul Eza


Image source: Norizah Noris Zakaria


Image source: Nur Afiqah


Image source: Mohd Noor Moza


Image source: Rusmaini Ros


Image source: Ain Nurfadhilah


Image source: Mohd Nizam Ahmad


Image source: Norliza Binti Sulaiman


Image source: Alvie Achmad Rochis


Image source: Jaja Rosli


Image source: Teh Dahlia


Image source: Iwan D’Scarl Letta


Image source: Alieysza Nadiea


Image source: Aicha Lestariati


Image source: Khyrull Anwar


Image source: Chinta Alyana


Image source: Ramlah Wan


Image source: Shilawati Mokhtar


Image source: Fyda Hamdan

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