20 Times People Tried Their Hand At Cooking And Failed Miserably

Published 2 years ago

Cooking is not easy! You have to focus on so many things at the same time that it might become overwhelming sometimes. Even if you are a great cook, there is no guarantee that the dish you planned will exactly end up looking and tasting like the way you imagined it to be.

Whether your pets interrupt you while cooking or you end up burning things because you forgot to turn off the oven, there are several mishaps that can occur in the kitchen. Even though it’s not a nice feeling to see our hard work go in vain, sometimes it’s okay to laugh at these silly accidents. Some folks are laughing at their own cooking disasters and share their photos online. Check out some funny pics that we have collected today in the gallery below. And if you are interested in more such posts, check out our previous articles here and here.

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#1 It’s Just Egg On Toast. Why

Image source: Large-Acanthisitta84

#2 Forgot The Cheese Part In My Grilled Cheese. So This Is A Grilled. Yep, 2 Ingredients And I Messed It Up

Image source: Misophoniakiel

#3 Wanted To Help Make Her Own Birthday Cake

Image source: bikinireef

#4 This Egg Spilled Out Of A Crack While Cooking And Looks Like A Little Duck

Image source: The_Bigg_D

#5 My Friend Was Cooking A Frozen Pizza

Image source: Extis83

#6 My Pork Ribs Dinner. Unsure If Stress Causes Short Term Memory Loss But I Put Ribs On, Logged Into Work And Here We Are Two Hours Later With Grill At Full Blast

Image source: RadixLecti72

#7 Fell Asleep While Heating Up Some Mac And Cheese

Image source: joeycnotes

#8 Sandwich Uses Camouflage To Avoid Being Consumed

Image source: Stranger1982

#9 Don’t Boil Eggs With Red Rice, Just Don’t

Image source: Stranger1982

#10 My Mother Was About To Make A Pie, She Was Away 5 Minutes

Image source: stopstealmyusernames

#11 Our Employee Overcooked The Brownies, So We Turned Them Into A Coffee Table. Taking Christmas Pre-Orders Now

Image source: joeltheconner

#12 Gingerbread Hominem Est In Forum

Image source: Tw13950

#13 Sliced Homemade Sourdough Bread Topped With Creamy Light Brie Cheese. Preheat Oven To 350 And Bake For 11 Hours. Enjoy

Image source: nick122221

#14 The Cheese Won

Image source: MrFreezzo

#15 Little Crispy

Image source: sneedwich1

#16 My Boyfriend Put Salt Instead Of Rice In The Rice Cooker, Been Wondering For An Hour Why It Was Taking So Long To Cook

Image source: bumbeel

#17 My Cooking Teacher Pinned This Poor Pizza To The Blackboard

Image source: OfficerOvaries

#18 I Accidentally Put Mayo To The Freezer

Image source: Sakke_MO

#19 Made German Chocolate Cake From Scratch. Tastes Better Than It Looks

Image source: VineHammer

#20 My Dad Burnt A Pancake So Bad It Camouflages With The Black Pan

Image source: sms42069

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