30 Of The Most Fascinating Facts About Life In Japan (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

For many of us, Japan is a distant and almost mythical country that we might never get to visit during our lifetimes. And while the internet likes to showcase it as the land of anime, crazy fashion, and Gundam robots, the reality is that Japan is much more than just that.

Today we’d like to introduce you to some interesting facts about life in Japan that will prove you what a unique and fascinating this country truly is. From breathtaking rice field art to hospital meals that would give fancy restaurants a run for their money, check out a collection of amazing Japan facts in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

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#1 A Cafe In Japan Is Hiring Paralyzed People To Control Robot Servers In Order To Still Make An Income

Image source: orylab

#2 Tree In Japan Being Relocated To Make Way For A Road

Image source: AristonD

#3 Bus Drivers In Japan, Striking In Such A Way That People Don’t Suffer

Image source: NewCarthagea

#4 Long Walkway Covered In Semi-Transparent Umbrellas In Moominvalley Park, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Image source: wakaponpoco

#5 There Is A Phone Booth Known As The “Telephone Of The Wind” On A Hill Overlooking The Ocean In Otsuchi Town In Northeastern Japan. It Is Connected To Nowhere, But People Come To “Call” Family Members Lost During The 2011 Earthquake And Tsunami

Image source: Successful_Donut_928

#6 On Many Japanese Toilets, The Hand Wash Sink Is Attached So That You Can Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For The Next Flush. Japan Saves Millions Of Liters Of Water Every Year Doing This

Image source: Dea_seven_nine

#7 Train Tracks In Japan Have Special Pathways For Turtles Under Them To Avoid Turtle Casulaties And Train Delays

Image source: UnironicThatcherite

#8 This Is A Rice Paddy. Farmers In Japan Plant Specific Rice Species To Make These Amazing Artworks

Image source: CYBERSson

#9 Penguin Soap Opera In Kyoto Aquarium

Image source: OliverJia1014

#10 This 400 Year Old Bonsai Tree Survived The Bombing Of Hiroshima In Japan

Image source: NazmulHossainRana

#11 Somewhere In Kyoto, Japan, There’s This Man And His Dog. He Plays The Flute, The Dog Is Cute, And That’s How They Earn Some Loot

Image source: BeardedGlass

#12 There’s An Ancient Japanese Pruning Method From The 14th Century That Allows Lumber Production Without Cutting Down Trees Called “Daisugi”

Image source: TerminustheInfernal

#13 While Waiting At Kyoto Station This Guy Asked If I Want To Play Two Player Game Boy With Him. 30 Mins Well Spent

Image source: ChristianLL

#14 Japan Repair A Sinkhole In Fukuoka City In 2 Days

Image source: boredpanda.com

#15 Crystal Cola? Is Being Sold Here In Japan

Image source: thompower

#16 Hospital Food In Japan

Image source: cvltivar

#17 These Sprinklers On The Road Near The Ski Resort I’m At In Japan To Keep The Road From Freezing Over. (Salt Water If You Were Wondering)

Image source: TheWolvis

#18 Born In Japan, 1751 And Died In July 7, 1977 At A Grand Old Age Of 226, Koi Hanako Was The Oldest Koi Fish Ever Recorded

Image source: monsieurbabadook

#19 These Square Watermelons In Japan – Grown In Boxes To Shape Them While On The Vine – For Convenient Stacking, Shipping, And Refrigerator Storage

Image source: PeoplesDaily

#20 Train Seats In Japan Facing Outwards So You Can See The Scenery

Image source: Nazulle

#21 This Train Stop In Japan Has No Entries Or Exits, It Has Been Put There Merely So That People Can Stop Off In The Middle Of A Train Journey And Admire The Scenery

Image source: H1ggyBowson

#22 In Japan Some Restaurants Are Really Private, You Are Sitting In A Corner, Where No One Sees You, A Door Opens In Front Of You, The Chef’s Hands Come Out And Serves You Without Looking

Image source: yudoit

#23 When You Need Help At A Train Station In Japan, Station Staff Will Literally Pop Out And Help You

Image source: Inazumaryoku

#24 Flood In Japan, Just Realized There Are Barely Any Floating Trash And Debris

Image source: VidE27

#25 The Gum I Bought In Japan Comes With A Stack Of Paper For Easy Disposal

Image source: tikuku

#26 At Japanese Airports, The Baggage Handlers Arrange Luggage By Color So It’s Easier For You To Find Your Bag

Image source: penguinsAreCool3

#27 My Package From Japan Just Came In And The Owner Sent Me A Note With Some Origami

Image source: dillhen

#28 Subways In Japan Have Women Only Cars

Image source: CommitteeOfTheHole

#29 Japan’s Fans Cleaning Up Their Sections After Their Match vs. Ivory Coast. Much Respect

Image source: Kebbs

#30 This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan

Image source: gaijinpot

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