10+ Epic Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking Skills

Published 6 years ago

Scrolling through recipes on Pinterest, Instagram, or any of the thousands of food blogs is sure to get your mouth watering. Sometimes the pictures can get you so inspired, you suddenly forget that you know nothing about spices and icing and somehow remember your way to the kitchen. Fast forward to a good few hours later, and all you have is a ‘creation’ that barely reminds you of the picture that got you so pumped to start cooking in the first place.

The list below presents you the funniest examples of those kitchen disappointments that will definitely make you giggle. What else can we say – mix together lack of skill and attention, add some laziness, and top it with an odd tendency to improvise, and here you have it – the recipe for a disaster.


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#1 Was Asked To Make Food Network’s Brown Sugar Pecan Bears

Image source: GeorgiePBurdell

#2 Chocolate Hedgehog Cake

Image source: Fence_Climber

#3 Adorable Rice Bear

#4 It’s A Good Thing Cats Don’t Care About Cake

Image source: katzekuchen

#5 Not So Much ‘Arrrrah, How Cute’ And More ‘Arrrrraahhh What The F*** Is That?’

Image source: Lee Jackson

#6 My Wife Made Croissants For Breakfast. Nailed It!

Image source: NapalmYeti

#7 Spongebob And Patrick Have Seen Things

#8 I Don’t Think This Project Could Have Been Saved

Image source: Heather

#9 I’m No Cook But I Didn’t Expect To Screw Up A Baked Potato

Image source: mushroomwig

#10 So Close…

Image source: RubyGetsNaked


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