30 Difficult Coworkers Who Clearly Cannot Work With Others (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Considering how much time millennials spend at their jobs to save up for that first down payment on a house, you may sometimes see your coworkers more often than your parents or a partner. Therefore, it’s essential to create and maintain good working relationships. And you know, perhaps to have someone to grab a pint with after work.

Yet, you are not always lucked out to have a coworker who would grab you coffee and a bagel in the morning. Some colleagues will actually make your job even harder than it already is. Instead of helping you keep your sanity at work, they might drive you up the wall. And those who had the ‘pleasure’ of having such work pals posted their shenanigans online. Now, cozy up and look at the posts we gathered!

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#1 My Coworker Put Straight Printer Ink In One Of My Gloves At Work. This Will Take A Week Or Two Minimum To Come Off

Image source: xamlax

#2 I Work At A Place Where At The End Of Shifts We Split The Tips Evenly Between The 2-3 People That Work

Image source: TMOJBAR

We had more than 50$ of tips today and my coworker had to leave about 10 minutes early. She ended up taking all but ~2.50$ and management won’t do anything about it.

#3 It’s Always A Pleasure To Realize That Your Coworkers Don’t Know How To Close A Box Properly… Right When You’re Ready To Go Home

Image source: Thunder_SdSh

#4 Coworker Announced That She And Her SO Are Finally Pregnant, I Got Her A Box Of Pastries To Celebrate And When I The Party Was About To Start I Open The Fridge At Work And See This

Image source: Weyland223

#5 Coworker Hit My Car And Acted As If She Didn’t Know Who Hit It

Image source: namesarentneeded

#6 My Coworker Hasn’t Washed Their Coffee Mug In Years

Image source: Watarmelen

#7 So Remember My Coworker’s Coffee Mug From A Few Weeks Back. Here’s The Keyboard

Image source: Impudicity2001

#8 My Colleague Drove With Me In My Company Vehicle. She Left This Piece Of Gum On The Door

Image source: OriginalAndre

#9 Coworkers Not Cleaning Their Hands Before Using The Oven Mitts

Image source: PandaSushi06

#10 While Looking For A File In My Coworker’s Drawer, I Found This. Thing

Image source: marcish

#11 My Coworker Stocks The Coolers At My Work, And His Dandruff Is On Every Single Can

Image source: SlamdolfTheGay

#12 Coworkers Replacing The Paper Towel Roll

Image source: baking_btch

#13 My Colleague’s Desktop

Image source: rainbowstas

#14 My Coworker Has Been Complaining About Lack Of Available Space On Her Work Computer

Image source: BadPunsIsHowEyeRoll

#15 Coworker Forgot Something In His Work Truck

Image source: ToastyMarshies

#16 My New Coworker’s Company Rental Car

Image source: backpackingzack

#17 As A Practical Joke, Some Co-Workers Wrapped My Office In Foil. In The Process, My 30″ LCD Monitor Was Accidentally Turned On, And It Boiled Itself

Image source: daroon

Here’s what it looked like when I unwrapped it

#18 Apparently Someone Has Been Munching My Donuts And It Was Supposed To Be For My Kids After Work

Image source: 8slipknot8

#19 The Interior Of A Coworker’s Truck. Just The Tip Of The Iceberg With This Gentleman

Image source: rockstar4000

#20 All Of My Coworkers Agreed To Dress Up As Smurfs For Halloween. I’m The Only One To Go Through With It

Image source: Papa_Skittles

#21 A Coffee Pot That I Discovered In A Coworker’s Office. Wonder What The Inside Is Like At This Point

Image source: straightskippy

#22 My Colleagues, Everyone

Image source: stefatr0n

#23 My Coworkers Have A Sick Sense Of Humor

Image source: fisheramike

#24 My Coworker Lied To My Boss That I Could Cover His Shift

Image source: apollogamez60

#25 The Side Of My Coworkers Desk Where They Leave Dead Skin And Nail Clippings

Image source: pancakeking1012

#26 My Coworker Told Me That Everyone Dressed Up At My Office. Now I’m The Only Person Dressed Like Captain Kirk Amongst Khakis And Polo Shirts

Image source: DukeMaximum

#27 This Is At My Work. She Does This Every Single Day

Image source: unwittingconfusion

#28 Yesterday This Guy Put Ghost Pepper Popcorn In Our Industrial Microwave At Work For Over 5 Minutes. The Office Was Filled With Black Smoke Burning People’s Eyes

Image source: StereoShayn

No one could breathe. He basically maced the building. We were moved to the other end so we could keep working.

#29 When Your Coworker Tries To Take Two Pallets Down At A Time With A Forklift

Image source: whatdolknow

#30 Someone Brought This To The Office Potluck

Image source: pasciiii

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