45 Unbelievable Before & After Pics That Show The Same Girls

Published 6 years ago

Everyone likes to look perfect on social media – capturing the perfect angle and the perfect lighting is a must. But one subreddit out there aims to show the reality behind the perfect Instagram selfies.

The subreddit is called PrettyGirlsUglyFaces and it’s exactly what it sounds like – pretty girls are showing their ‘ugly’ sides taking pictures in hilarious angles. From multiple chins to flabby bellies – these girls are certainly not afraid to poke fun at themselves.

Check out the pretty girls making ugly faces in the gallery below!

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#1 Being 30 Is So Glamorous. I Still Challenge Anyone To Make Worse Faces Than I Can

Image source: hookandsmee

#2 Poolside

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#3 Dear Internet… I Have Blessed You With My Talent. You’re Welcome

Image source: Koruteni

#4 Ask And You Shall Receive

Image source: emifasho

#5 Your Facebook Profile Vs The Pics You’re Tagged On

Image source: RedditsKittyKat

#6 When He Asks For Post-Shower Pics

Image source: NOT__UNDERCOVER___

#7 Aww When Are You Due?? I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Really Talented

Image source: emifasho

#8 I’ve Got My Eye On You

Image source: Pengusta

#9 I Don’t Know Why I Keep Exposing Myself On The Internet Like This But Apparently People Enjoy It

Image source: karleebabe

#10 I’ve Run Out Of Shame

Image source: lime_st

#11 I Have Two Modes And They’re Both Extra

Image source: thismanicrose

#12 Clueless In The Streets, Robbie Rotten In The Sheets

Image source: a_castle_by_the_sea

#13 During And After Cosplaying Poison Ivy. You’re Welcome

Image source: Oopsydaisy03

#14 My Only Prerequisite For Dating Is To Find Someone Who Can Make Worse Faces Than I Can

Image source: hookandsmee

#15 Both Sides Of My Personality Are Very Pleased With The Seahawks Win

Image source: hookandsmee

#16 Feeling Pretty Today

Image source: rugmuncher

#17 From Pretty Cute 2 Please Shoot

Image source: Abellus

#18 My Friend Might As Well Have Invented Pretty Girls Ugly Faces

Image source: loungepantz

#19 Checklist Before A Walk: Comfy Shoes? Check. Empowering Feminist Garb? Check. Suitor Repelling Face? Double Check

Image source: hookandsmee

#20 One Of My Favourite Faces To Make

Image source: unanatkumot

#21 Before And After

Image source: thedirtyavocado

#22 So I Play Rugby…

Image source: UnikornAids

#23 You’re Doing It Right When You’re In Physical Pain

Image source: lemonjuicelime

#24 Sometimes I Look Presentable, But 90% Of The Time I Resemble A Butthole With Eyelashes

Image source: sophisopia

#25 You’re Welcome

Image source: soshedrew

#26 When The Nerdy Girl Finally Takes Her Glasses Of In An Early 2000’s Teen Movie

Image source: lilbutthole

#27 Sometimes You Feel Pretty And Sometimes You Don’t

Image source: meant.to.be

#28 This Is What Happens When I’m Left Alone For An Hour

Image source: alexandrahknight

#29 As A Photographer I Always Try To Capture Genuine Emotion

Image source: BunTilda

#30 Is This Better?

Image source: ehudz

#31 Pictures My Husband Asks For Vs Pictures He Gets

Image source: josefugly

#32 Am I Doing This Right ?

Image source: cngyn

#33 My Wife Is The Master Of Making Faces

Image source: Victoria_Lucas

#34 I Like Long Walks, Fuzzy Animals, And Crippling The Patriarchy With The Fury Of My Many Chins

Image source: hookandsmee

#35 Kawaii To Kill It With Fire Real Quick

Image source: demontiddies

#36 I Melted

Image source: arwenface

#37 Pretty Girl Ugly Face

Image source: naomalaa

#38 Before And After

Image source: varikkaaa

#39 My Wife Looking Beautiful And Hideous

Image source: Victoria_Lucas

#40 Get You A Girl That Can Do All This

Image source: nicoleaulettoart

#41 Angles… Am I Right?

Image source: Sftspkn

#42 I Will Out Chin You All

Image source: oystersonthehalfshirt

#43 Glasses On: Aunt Edna, Glasses Off: Girl Next Door

Image source: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#44 Went Full Danny Devito When I Learned I Could Force My Entire Neck/Chin/Face Upwards By Filling My Inflatable Neck Brace To Capacity

Image source: thajenkmaster

#45 No, I Didn’t Get Lip Injections

Image source: nikijk76

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