20 Bizarrely Specific Targeted T-Shirts Shared In This Online Group

Published 3 years ago

It’s no surprise that marketing companies track almost every move you make on the internet to tailor ads specifically for you. And while constantly being prompted to try a specific brand of product sounds pretty invasive, sometimes advertisers end up producing something pretty hilarious – like targeted t-shirts, for example.

People over at the r/TargetedShirts subreddit are sharing all of the oddly specific t-shirts that they’ve spotted in the wild, and they’re both hilarious and bizarrely threatening at the same time. Check out some of the funniest ones in the gallery below, and if you want to see more questionable things on clothing, see our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 Ok….

Image source: harleyyydd888

#2 My Mom Texted Me This Photo Today. Before You Ask – Yes, He Made This For Himself

Image source: nadineleee

#3 Now This Is One I Would Buy…

Image source: Falom

#4 One Of My Bar Regulars Waited 84 Years For His 21st Birthday! Happy Birthday Fred!

Image source: Murraymurstein

#5 I’m Not A Mycologist But This Is Probably One Of The Best Targeted Shirts I’ve Seen

Image source: Plutonium-Lore

#6 Smallest Target On Here

Image source: BeanMachine0

#7 Self Referential Parody

Image source: thodges314

#8 I Am A Living Donor And Blindly Donated My Kidney To A Child. I Got To Meet Him Yesterday

Image source: greenirishsaint

#9 Makes Me Embarrassed To Be A Fellow Mechanic

Image source: 64strokeDC

#10 Sometimes He Kicks Me, If You Don’t Like It Move

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Gotta Go Fast

Image source: mielmami

#12 Ran Into My Brother Randomly Out Shopping And He Was Wearing This Beauty. He Has Only One Cat

Image source: bsurfn2day

#13 Friend Of Mine Had A Real Gem On His Instagram Story. “Any Vertebrate With Offspring” Killed Me

Image source: thefuchsiaisnow

#14 Proud Owner Of This Bad Boy

Image source: hallowbeeb

#15 Recently Went Through A Rough Breakup, And My Dad Unironically Bought This For Me To Cheer Me Up. Made Me Laugh Pretty Hard, But I Genuinely Appreciate The Support. Love You Dad.

Image source: mawrgan

#16 Saw On Facebook

Image source: Koraxtheghoul

#17 Seen On Livepd. Hell Yeah.

Image source: danielletheboss

#18 Um Ok

Image source: mod_mad

#19 My Real Life Aunt And Her Real Life Shirt

Image source: reddit.com

#20 A Gift From My Boyfriend

Image source: piss-sink

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