Powerful NSFW Portrait Series Shows How Regular People Look Without Clothes

Published 7 years ago

Artist Aleah Chapin encourages us to rethink what we call beautiful and takes a different look at the naked body. This time not ignoring our gender, our age, or the effect life has on our bodies.

Her newest painting exhibition “Body / Being,” might feel awkward at first, but these works represent something that rings more true to what’s actually around us when we’re not looking into some screen.

Inspired by the recent transition of her cousin, Qwill, the artist painted all types of different bodies, including both females and males, showing that we’re not that different after all. “The whole point of [my current exhibit] is to show that we are all the same in the end, no matter if we are an 84-year-old man or a 30-year-old trans individual,” said Chapin. “We all have struggles and experiences of being in a body, and if we could just focus on what we have in common instead of being afraid and judgmental of our differences, I think the world would be a much kinder place.”

More info: body / being | aleah chapin (h/t: attn, boredpanda)

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