50 Questionable Fashion Choices This Foreigner Living In China Captured

Published 5 years ago

Nowhybecausechina is an Instagram page run by a foreigner living in China that documents all sorts of weird and unusual things they encounter living there. And one of those things is a rather questionable fashion sense.

“On my Instagram page, I try to provide cultural context for why things in China happen the way they do, by explaining some of the history, the culture or the language, and how these things influence behaviors or even fashion,” explained the author of the page in an interview with Bored Panda. “The page is not all about fashion though. It’s anything that you can ask the question of ‘Why?’ or ‘How did that happen?’ to, with the general classic answer being ‘No why’ #nowhy (Chinese response) OR ‘because China’ #becausechina (foreigner in China response).”

The author explains that using English makes you look educated and fashionable and since a lot of people aren’t that great at the language, rude and vulgar statements are pretty common – even on kids’ clothing. Other times people just do not care what’s written on their clothes – as long as they’re comfortable.

Check out the questionable fashion choices in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t: Bored Panda

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#1 I Would Definitely Wear This

#2 Pink Freud

#3 Masturbate your way to success!

#4 Follow Dreams

#5 I Just Don’t

#6 Danger

#7 Think Less

#8 Got Life Figured Out

#9 Bear Attack And She Survived, Good For Her

#10 Adidog

#11 A Bit Of Nationalism Coming Out There…

#12 If You Think

#13 I’m Batman

#14 Leave Me Alone

#15 Hipster Triangle

#16 Make A Woman

#17 China Fashion

#18 Shark Soup

#19 I Do Feel Happy Now

#20 How Old Are You? And Just How Drunk Are You?

#21 A Bit Morbid, But I Wonder If I Can Get It In Yellow… Would It Be Less So?

#22 Sexy Style

#23 I Needed That Today

#24 Beep, Beep!

#25 Asia

#26 You Learn Something Every Day

#27 Need To Stop Feeding The Cat Vegetarian Food

#28 Feline Good

#29 The Pig

#30 Pervert

#31 Am I French Yet

#32 Too Much Profoundness

#33 Let’s Not All Live Like This

#34 No Carrots

#35 Hand Wash

#36 And He Knows It

#37 Wait, What?

#38 I’m Not Leaving This Blanket

#39 Good Point

#40 Good Advice, Rarely Taken

#41 Some Sweet China Style… So Fashion

#42 That’s… Taking Things To Extreme

#43 I’ll Be A Plastic Toy

#44 Addicted To Black

#45 If I Ask Where You’re Going, Will You Be Confused?

#46 I Ate A Rat

#47 Because… They’re Easy?

#48 Oh Good, Noing… That’s What I Needed In My Life

#49 Does It?

#50 Beat

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