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30 Of The Funniest Signs Teachers Put Up In Schools

Published 1 year ago

Even though most of the times teachers act professional and strict, some of them possess a good sense of humor – it’s just that they have an “authority figure” facade to keep. That’s why it’s quite unexpected when a teacher cracks a joke once in a while.

Teachers sometimes show their creativity and humor through writing notes to parents, and sometimes they put up hilarious signs in schools. Check out some of the most hilariously creative teachers in the gallery below!

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#1 These Posters In My Math Teacher’s Classroom

Image source: Yeahfilms12

#2 Anatomy Teacher With His Drawing Lecture On A Chalkboard

Image source: itsmeaidil

#3 My Teacher Had This On The First Day Back From School

Image source: Keefkeef6

#4 A Rule My Teacher Made

Image source: cabbage_fork

#5 Chemistry Teacher Made Their Classroom Ceiling The Elements

Image source: Plebsplease

#6 One Of The English Teachers At My Highschool Put This In The Hall Outside Her Door

Image source: Amk1221amk

#7 In A Classroom In Chicago

Image source: achingtopupate

#8 The Bold Letters On My Teacher’s Innocent Posters Spell Out Her True Message

Image source: Aedifix

#9 This Sign At My School

Image source: VulthrxIsAWeeb

#10 This Drawing That My History Teacher Did On The Whiteboard

Image source: QEDification

#11 One Of The Teacher’s At My New Zealand School Drawing

Image source: Beastfrie

#12 This Sign At An Elementary School Art Classroom

Image source: submechano

#13 Found In A High School Science Classroom

Image source: sugarandmermaids

#14 The Poster In My Teacher’s Classroom

Image source: Amandaralts55

#15 The Graphics Teacher In College Knows What’s Going On

Image source: James332233

#16 This Is The Sign Hanging On The Piano In My School’s Band Room

Image source: vanceyboy

#17 Recently Found This In The Language Corridor Of My School, Hope You Enjoy

Image source: TheNightmareOfABoy

#18 Special Needs Teachers Put This Up Today

Image source: whatsyourflavor

#19 Found In My Local Elementary School

Image source: goofballjones69

#20 The Sign In My Co-Worker’s 2nd Grade Classroom

Image source: SkippyBluestockings

#21 My Friend Is A Secondary School Teacher And Stuck This To The Wall Of His Classroom

Image source: tessrkt

#22 Anti-Smoking Campaign Poster I Found In My History Teacher’s Classroom

Image source: bruhddit

#23 My English Teacher Is Also A Gamer

Image source: IAmTheRedditBrowser

#24 Found In My Physics Teacher’s Room

Image source: lekgolo125

#25 This Elementary School Super Bowl Chart Has A Column For “Not My Thing”

Image source: scidurt

#26 Found Out My Kid Had This On His School Classroom Wall All Year

Image source: bhornet2008

#27 My Econ Teacher Has This In His Room

Image source: Skwuruhl

#28 The Corona Rule Signs At Our School Are The Best

Image source: stachieboyyy

#29 This Sign In My Kid’s Elementary School Fills Me With Nihilistic Joy

Image source: clifflampe

#30 Most Of The Adults Also Need To Learn How To Apologize

Image source: hoejack_whorseman

Saumya Ratan

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