20 Times Unsuspecting Parents Received Cringy Notes From Their Kids’ Teachers

Published 4 years ago

Every parent will tell you that sometimes kids do the craziest things – things that make them say “How did my kid even come up with that?”. I’m talking about things like cutting their own bangs or just deciding to run around naked in the background while you’re having a Zoom meeting. Believe it or not, this behavior doesn’t stop at school either, which sometimes leads to the kids returning home with some funny and cringy notes written by their teachers.

Poor parents are sharing the funniest notes they’ve received from their kids’ teachers and I’m sure they’ll crack you up. Check them out in the gallery below!

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#1 Good News And Bad News

#2 “During Math Today Max Was Having A Hard Time Following Along. When I Asked Him Why He Wasn’t Doing His Work, Max Responded, ‘Well, I’m Just Too Good Looking!’”

#3 Too Pretty To Work

#4 Violet’s (My Cousin’s Daughter) Drawing On The Right, Teachers Note On The Left

Image source: foreignflowers

#5 Quiet Voices

#6 The Biggest Booger Ball

#7 “Amara Has A Worm In Her Pocket. She Did Not Want To Throw It Away. I Just Wanted To Give You A Heads Up”

Image source: lizar777

#8 Picked Up My Toddler From School And Was Handed This Note. I’m Scared To Look

Image source: imgur.com

#9 “[Your Kid] And A Few Of His Friends Often Make Up Characters, Give Them Amusing Names, And Then Have Exciting Adventures At Playtimes. This In Itself Is An Imaginative And Creative Pastime … However, It Has Come To Our Attention That One Of The Characters Has The Name ‘Wildo The Dildo’”

Image source: pahunt1978

#10 Got A Note From The Teacher

Image source: Dandy_Taters

#11 The Ultimate Juxtaposition Of Naughty And Nice Came Home In Allie’s Folder Today

Image source: amypilott

#12 These Kids Are Nuts

Image source: josephcolandrea

#13 Let This Be A Lesson For Everyone, Never Under Any Circumstance Let Your Friends Smell Your Chapstick

Image source: er_iicaaa

#14 Tatertot Has Special Talents!

Image source: ketchupisveggie

#15 Not The Best Day Back

Image source: mainestylemalloy

#16 “Demi Cut Her Hair Today. I’m So Sorry”

#17 Got Detention While Playing School With Our Youngest. Figures

Image source: lizwhitmere

#18 Aye This Kid!

Image source: jennynin

#19 On This Day, Two Years Ago, I Found Out My Son Liked Big Butts

Image source: jaycali_beauty

#20 “Another Student Took Her Pencil And She Referred To Him As A ‘Hanzo Main.’ I Have No Idea What That Means, However, It Was Clearly Meant As An Insult”

Image source: lootgaminghq

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