40 Of The Coolest Things People Have Created Using A 3D Printer

Published 2 weeks ago

One cool aspect of the future of tech is our access to 3D printing. While some are thinking of how to use 3D printing to build houses or print edible food, others are using it to create medical miracles. One subreddit aptly named 3Dprinting, follows and shares all these innovative creations so that “makers of all skill levels and walks of life can learn about and discuss 3D printing.” Scroll below to check out some cool 3D-printed items and the amazing progress technology has made. 

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#1 I Recently Had A Full Head Mri. Using Free Software I Was Able To Pluck My Brain Out And Turn It Into A Desk Light

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Who Ever Designed This Thing I Printed It… I Have Never Been So Horrified And In Love At The Same Time!!

Image source: jacksknight

#3 (Oc) I Made The Jetpacks For My Light-Year Suit Everything Is 3D Printed!

Image source: DansJungle

#4 I Hate Flossing, But Flossers Are A Waste Of Plastic, So I 3D Printed A Reusable One!

Image source: timnitro

#5 I Found A Mini Nuclear Power Plant On Thingiverse And Modified It To Fit On My Humidifier

Image source: RocketPuff

#6 Proof That Perseverance Pays Off…my Full Iron Man Suit, Printed In Many, Many Pieces On My Tiny Up Mini Over 6 Months

Image source: JayLuvLL

#7 Just Had To Do It, I Couldn’t Resist

Image source: NitroGod88

#8 When A Failed Print Is Still A Happy Little Mistake

Image source: creality3D

#9 I Made These Spikes To Stop “Helpful” People From Grabbing Me Without Consent

Image source: RavenLunatic512

#10 A Redditor Has Built Me A New Finger After Insurance Turned Me Down For One. They Took An Existing Design And Customized It With My Feedback And Made Me Whole Again. It Should Be Known That Limb Labs Wanted 15 To 20 Thousand Dollars For One

Image source: Butt_F**king_Smurfs

#11 My 8 Year Old Asked For A Nintendo Switch For Christmas. Prusa I3 Mk3s To The Rescue! We Did Buy Her An Actual Switch, But She Must Endure This First

Image source: Javaroad77

#12 One Lid To Rule Them All

Image source: addiscamillo

#13 Bastard Broke Into The Wrong Goddamn Rec Room

Image source: Bigbore_729

#14 My Partner Keeps Buying Plants So I Have To Keep Designing Plant Pots. Here’s One Of My Latest Ones

Image source: Xrontos

#15 Broke My Arm, Got A 3D Printed Cast

Image source: raw_ambots

#16 Just Finished My Arkham Knight Cosplay! Fully 3D Printed And Painted, This Was So Much Fun To Do!

Image source: jmweissman

#17 A Loggerhead Turtle Got Into A Boating Accident, Resulting In The Loss Of A Majority Of Its Lower Beak. Scientists Gave It A New 3D Printed Titanium Beak. It Looks So Badass. He Is Now A Cyborg Turtle

Image source: reddit.com

#18 After Three Failed Attempts, I Present To You: Invisiball In Spectrum

Image source: Novonod

#19 I Made A ‘Toothpaste Mover’ So You Can Push Toothpaste From One Costco-Sized Tube Into A Lil Travel Tube ???

Image source: naynaybae

#20 My New Favourite 3D Print

Image source: MammothTanker

#21 Simple Design For A 7 Year Anniversary Present. The Pennies Are Dated With Years That Are Significant To Us

Image source: backstagestitches

#22 My Dad 3D Printed A Lever To Replace His Light Switch

Image source: VinCactus

#23 Designed A Custom Duck Hunt Display For These Nerf Guns That I Printed Zapper Shells For

Image source: pyro487

#24 Inserts For My Travel Tool Box

Image source: Grind_coarserer

#25 Was Born Without An Arm So I Built Myself My Own Eletronic 3D Printed Arm. This Is Me Holding An Egg

Image source: aqualocko

#26 I May Have A *slight* Addiction To Printing Covers For My Bionic Arm

Image source: EatPrayNub

#27 Finally Finished The Wife’s Fully Motorised Mk49 Rescue Suit 3D Printed On Ender 5 Plus Bondtech Ddx Direct Drive

Image source: tomnewdelhi

#28 My Wife’s 10 Year Old Brother Got A 3D Printer For Christmas. I Joked That He Can Build Me A Playstation. Every Day I’ve Been Asking Him When It’ll Be Ready. Today He Brought Me This. Best Present Ever

Image source: mugshotbarber

#29 S̵t̵e̵a̵l̵ ̵t̵h̵e̵ ̵k̵e̵y̵s̵

Image source: gynnihanssen

#30 Don’t Feed Spray Paint After Midnight

Image source: Cpt_kaoss

#31 I Made This Guitar For My Son’s Birthday

Image source: krisclarkdev

I have a few small things to finish it but it’s essentially finished. Printed in PETG on my X1C and I used stone coat epoxy with miraclekoo resin dye. The pickups are fender noiseless n4.

#32 I’m Working On A 3D Printable Model Of Bmo From Adventure Time With Accurate Internals!

Image source: puntended

#33 3D Printed Clip-On Temperature Indicator For The Shower Pipe To Show When It’s Warm Or Too Hot. I’m Disabled So I Can’t Always Tell Temperature With My Hand, And I Didn’t Want To Use One Of Those LED Showerheads Because Electricity + Water = Bad

Image source: reddit.com

#34 Where The Sidewalk Ends

Image source: cmag-net

#35 Finished Printing The Oof Stones

Image source: Interesting-Lemon

#36 My Step-Son’s Soccer Team Won First In A Tournament But They Didn’t Get A Trophy So I Designed And Printed Him One

Image source: Rhino887

#37 I Modeled, Printed, And Painted This Little House To Express My Frustration With The Housing Market

Image source: psybermonkey15

#38 Moon Lamp

Image source: acidbrn391

#39 Me And My Son 3D Printed A Life Size Battle Droid. Turns Out They Were Quite Big

Image source: kahnindustries

#40 I 3D Printed The City Of Denver

Image source: Majestic-Weekend-484

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