40 Of The Funniest Computer Glitches And Software Fails

Published 1 month ago

For those who interact with technology daily, it’s often a mixed bag of love and frustration. While software and gadgets undoubtedly streamline our lives, they can also be the source of exasperating headaches, especially when glitches rear their ugly heads.

However, amidst the chaos, some failures lead to hilariously amusing situations—maybe not in the moment, but certainly in hindsight. If you doubt this, try holding back a chuckle as you peruse the list of software glitches waiting for you below. They might not seem funny when you’re in the midst of dealing with them, but they certainly provide some comic relief when your software is back up and running smoothly, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment.

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#1 I Have No Words

Image source: TechExpert2910

Arnold Larkins: the infinite cycle of trying to get the App Store

#2 Where The Hell Am I Going To?

Image source: TOP_MCG


#3 This Could Take Forever

Image source: JumpingJehosiphat

Couragetcd: Man, even at work I’m only expected to hit 110% of my goals. This file has very high expectations

#4 I Am A Bit Of A Celebrity As You Can See

Image source: frituurgarnituur

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Apparently the entire galactic community is following this person on social.

#5 I Don’t Know If I’m Right Or Wrong

Image source: Ecstatic_Future_893

#6 When Your Airline’s Software Is Being A Misogynist

Image source: DrJewelKling

SparkDragon: Ah British Airways, you never fail to disappoint!

#7 “Hollow Knight” Game Has Infected Every App On My Computer

Image source: Raagarah

#8 My Nothing Watch Shows Negative Step Count

Image source: Gowdamn

HF:  that’s what happens when you walk backwards

#9 Robot Vacuum Got Confused And Thought It Had Just Discovered A Lost Realm

Image source: jhwblender

Ga Di: like a map from original DOOM

#10 Scheduling A Vaccine At Walgreens And All Of The “Yes” Options Say “Forks”

Image source: 18002221222

SparkDragon: Forks

#11 Can’t Wait For Ahsoka To Come Out In 977 Years

Image source: DARKGAMER_666

#12 I Guess My Delivery Driver Is Doomed To Failure

Image source: ZuckerbergsSmile

#13 Power Went Out For A Second And Sent The System Spiraling At Work

Image source: DachlesLeSerg

#14 If You Think You Are Procrastinating

Image source: Epic1024

#15 Being 6 Ft Does Exist

Image source: evilsnowcookie

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): Could try 5ft 12in.

#16 The Process Has

Image source: denislol1230

#17 What Is It Asking Me To Do?

Image source: 93Volvo240

#18 Thanks For The Warning?

Image source: awl111126

SCP 4666: Schrödingers phone

#19 I Don’t Know What My Car Wants

Image source: maddog18476

Arnold Larkins (edited): No, I’m not Want, I’m Arnold

#20 I Think I Found Atlantis

Image source: AegleBird

#21 The Sims Glitches Never Fail To Amuse

Image source: Ornery_Delay_445

#22 Yes… 24/7

Image source: bingbongeee

Corinne Wheeler: Oh, I don’t know…My grandson does this regularly.

#23 So Close

Image source: Ayilari

Katie Lutesinger: Get more questions wrong next time. Gotcha.

#24 Nice Beard

Image source: TennisBallyes

#25 The Baby Monitor Has A Temperature Sensor. I Think It Is Time To Turn The Air Conditioning On

Image source: Kowallaonskis

SparkDragon: Arg! Boiling baby! 🥵

#26 I Overcharged My Phone

Image source: Byozde

SCP 4666: If only you could overcharged your bank account like this

#27 Your Speed Is What?

Image source: y2khardtop1

Jack Smith: how fast would you actually have to be going to generate that much heat? like, hot enough that people standing nearby could feel it and be heated up on a cold day

#28 I Burned So Many Calories, I Am Air Now

Image source: Friendly_demon_Ash

David Martin: But you didn’t get your steps in; Let’s work on getting that number up tomorrow!

#29 Today Is Flat-Earthers’ Day

Image source: Spetterman66_on_rblx

SCP 4666: Flat earthers all around the globe are celebrating

#30 Finally, I Can Watch All My Favorite Films In Unknown Language

Image source: reddit.com

Katie Lutesinger: As someone from an Unknown Language-speaking background, this makes me so happy!

#31 Out Of Smiles

Image source: SYHR101

#32 I Think There Might Be An Error Preventing This Slide Show From Playing

Image source: Phoenix_BFN

Jack Smith: maybe, just maybe, there’s an error preventing this slide show from playing. idk tho, i’m no expert

#33 One Of These Options Are Not Like The Others

Image source: thatwas2funny

Jack Smith: nice that they added an option for all the demonic entities out there so they can have an avatar that really represents them

#34 I Think It’ll Be A Bit Cold

Image source: Designer-Albatross58

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa)Someone took the time to code Absolute Zero into this app.

#35 Solving America’s Tipping Culture Problem

Image source: RexIsAMiiCostume

PanPan124: There needs to be a kiosk virus that does this

#36 My Answers Are All Wrong, Somehow

Image source: enny7921

Bols: They were supposed to be in green italics, duh

#37 A New Emotion

Image source: bubble-sys

Chocolate llama: Why yes, this is exactly how I feel these days!

#38 I Don’t Think That’s How Time Works

Image source: vedri27

Jack Smith: clearly this person discovered time travel and just doesn’t want to admit it

#39 You Know The Drought Has Been Rough When Starbucks Is Like This. Thanks For Nothing Starbucks, Didn’t Realize Water Was A Seasonal Item

Image source: Kewwers

Stardust she/her: This perfectly represents the condition of Bengaluru. The only city facing a water shortage in our state during this heat wave. Even the hottest parts of the state have water, only Bengaluru is facing a water crisis

#40 What Is A Democrdoes?

Image source: AdditionDirect1490

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