30 Times Tech Support People Came Across The Most Bizarre Things While On The Job (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever wondered why the IT guys in your workplace are always so grumpy? Well, today we have prepared a collection of images that might explain why. Turns out that malfunctioning printers and forgotten passwords are the least of their worries and some of the stuff they get to deal with is absolutely mind-boggling.

Tech Support Gore is a subreddit where IT specialists share some of the weirdest things that they encountered while on the job, and they’ll make you realize that some people are absolutely incompatible with computers. From wiring spaghetti to mangled laptops, check out some tech support nightmares in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles here and here!

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#1 Before And After. I Thought I Was 100% Prepared For Some Work I Got In A Remote Village Institution. Well This Was At Least What I Was Able To Achieve

Image source: senorlusiola

#2 Instructions Unclear

Image source: BananaBotlol

#3 User Said It Got Caught In The Subway Doors…

Image source: ImKweeZy

#4 User Spilt Coffee On His Laptop – So He Put It In The Oven To Dry It Out

Image source: smarthawk

#5 Needle. Haystack

Image source: HumptysRevenge

#6 There Was A Breakdown In Communications…

Image source: bradley547

#7 I Am Not Proud Of This

Image source: Josh_Your_IT_Guy

#8 Printer From Hell

Image source:  UsablePizza

#9 “Can You Recover The Data?”

Image source: Spore-Gasm

#10 Tired Of Losing Your Adapter?

Image source: elchepibe

#11 Say Hello To Big Bertha, A 1.69 Tb Text File. Over 108 Billion Lines

Image source: XandrowH

#12 My Team Took Over A Buildings It And Found Their Dumping Ground

Image source: DR_FRIES

#13 User Claimed They Spilled A Small Glass Of Water On Their Laptop

Image source: Drasnal

#14 Visited Grandma And Confiscated This One

Image source: klovaaxel1000

#15 Work From Home Equipment Returned

Image source: UaintNOgangsta

#16 How Is That Possible?

Image source: Affectionate_Ad_7571

#17 New House Find, Do You Think It’ll Play Crysis? It Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Problems Playing Rust

Image source: Megaladon27

#18 No Money For A Rack? Don’t Worry! Use My Desk. I Don’t Need It Anyway. (Government Office)

Image source: ktyre

#19 “Our Scanner Stopped Working And I Don’t How To Plug It Back In”

Image source: Almightydirtyjake

#20 I Can’t Decide Whether To Be Pissed Off Or Impressed At The Fact That They Managed To Use Machine Screws In Drywall Without A Box Frame Or Ancors

Image source: rileys888

#21 Frontier Airlines: “75% Of Our Stuff Is Broken”

Image source: rossmoney

#22 Clientr: Hi, I Have This PC That Makes Noise And Slowly Walks Or Shut Off Alone. In The Way, Could You Clean It? Me: ._.

Image source: EDD1E1422

#23 My Gpu Finaly Fits In My Computer

Image source: KrijgEten

#24 I Try To Do The Right Thing, But My Family Is A Bunch Of Savages!

Image source: RMartin1

#25 Keyboard Keys Come Off? Don’t Worry, Just Superglue Them Back On!

Image source: Domby88

#26 An Internet Provider Pulled Fiber To Every Home In My Neighbourhood Almost A Year Ago. They Never Finished The Connections

Image source: Muffer-Nl

#27 At Least The Lobby Was Empty When It Happened…

Image source: iRepairFox

#28 Management’s Way Of Securing A Loose And Broken Power Brick

Image source: RacistDiscoloredSoup

#29 Chemicals vs. Computer

Image source: xdr01

#30 Spotted The Baby Monitor Back Panel Was Cracked… Think I’ve Found The Cause

Image source: Smeeble09

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