30 Of The Most Relatable IT Memes Shared In This Online Community

Published 3 years ago

Anyone who has ever worked in IT will tell you that this job can really test the limits of one’s patience. After all, there’s only so much forgotten passwords, malfunctioning printers, and unplugged monitors a person can deal with before going completely bonkers. And as stressful as it may be, sometimes a little humor is the best remedy.

People on Reddit are sharing their funniest IT-related memes to the r/iiiiiiitttttttttttt subreddit, and you don’t have to be an expert to have a nice chuckle. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below!

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#1 Error: Low Toner

Image source: pablogaruda

#2 Seriously, Every Time

Image source: Icey96

#3 Yes, This Was A Real Ticket I Just Closed

Image source: hurleyind

#4 The Epic Job…

Image source: blackbird9820

#5 Insecurity

Image source: bucherman7

#6 Jack Of All Trades

Image source: khublakhanquest

#7 I Need A 6-Month Vacation, Twice A Year, Far Away From Society…

Image source: Sgt-Skunthole

#8 Yeah. Nobody Will Touch That

Image source: nameaboveallnames

#9 Readme Never

Image source: [deleted]

#10 Thank God

Image source: FencePanel

#11 Working In It Isn’t Stressful

Image source: -heftyheftyhefty

#12 We Just Got Clever…

Image source: blackbird9820

#13 Soooo Complicated….

Image source: Fn00rd

#14 Shhhhhhh

Image source: Littleboof18

#15 Every Damn Day

Image source: rhotoscopic

#16 A True Hero

Image source: nicolas_the_fox

#17 Happy Little Outages Here And There

Image source: pablogaruda

#18 This Hits Home

Image source: RudestBuddhist

#19 Its Really Not Hard

Image source: NRG_Factor

#20 One Day Son, All This Will Be Yours!

Image source: msf2115

#21 Oh, So Now You’re Going To Start Working Fine?

Image source: paulmcgr

#22 The Truth Comes Out

Image source: boydskywalker

#23 Big IT Time

Image source: [deleted]

#24 My Co-Worker Decided He Wanted A Standing Desk

Image source: tsaven

#25 Administrative Access

Image source: devdevo1919

#26 It Was Old Man Teams!

Image source: Snakeoffbreak

#27 I Made This Meme Instead Of Doing The Thing They Asked For

Image source: teeny_big_tree

#28 ID10T – Pulling Teeth

Image source: fuzzypops

#29 “Can You Help Me Get The Files Of This USB?” Get Handed One Of These

Image source: speddie23

#30 Faculty With 2 Masters Degrees And A Phd: “My Speakers Wont Work And I Am Giving A Very Important Presentation Right Now. Need This Fixed Asap” ……. Me: (Drives 20 Miles) “Ma’am, The Green Plug Goes In The Green Hole” …… Faculty: ” I Have Worked Here For 20 Years, When Did They Change That?”

Image source: Chubby_Death

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