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40 Funny Memes To Perfectly Sum Up IT Humor, As Shared By This Facebook Group

Published 1 year ago

The people working in IT go through a lot of stress and pressure every day. They definitely need some breaks from time to time. So, today we have collected some memes that they might relate to.

The Facebook page IT Humor and Memes shares some of the funniest IT-related memes and we have scoured their best posts for you. Scroll below to read some of their most hilarious and relatable memes.

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Image source: Chris Waldrip


Image source: James Tarrant


Image source: Alex Kluemper


Image source: PadraigBelton



Image source: David Christopher Holley


Image source: Terry Sutherland


Image source: Joey Salyer


Image source: Seane Bosch


Image source: Rich Bates


Image source: Nastee Savage


Image source: Raymond Wilson


Image source: அக் ஷய்

Because someone on the other side of the wall needed a network jack and they couldn’t or wouldn’t install a new one so they just punched a hole in the wall and fed the cable through


Image source: Pawan Sedara


Image source: ThePunnyWorld


Image source: Pawan Sedara


Image source: Mohammad Shakhshir


Image source: Pawan Sedara


Image source: Brad Whatman


Image source: Jonathan Buan Aguarin


Image source: Florian Renner

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