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As Pollution Levels In India Drop, Some Parts Of The Country Start Seeing The Himalayas For The First Time In Almost 30 Years

Published 3 years ago

A short while ago we talked about some positive effects the coronavirus quarantine had on the environment, like pollution levels dropping above Italy and the canals of Venice clearing up. But it’s not just Italy that was positively affected. Some people living in the Jalandhar district in Punjab, Northern India, located around 125 miles (200 km) away from the Himalayas, reported that now that the pollution levels above the country have dropped, they’re able to see the mountains for the first time in 30 years.

A few days ago, Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh shared a photo of the Himalayan mountains taken from the rooftop of his home in Jalandhar and soon enough more locals joined in with some amazing pictures. Check them out in the gallery below!

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Indian cricket player Harbhajan Singh recently shared a photo of the Himalayas taken from his home in Jalandhar

Image credits: harbhajan_singh

In an interview with Bored Panda, Harbhajan said that seeing mountains from his home town was “unbelievable”. He noticed that the air quality near his home has improved and says it’s the reason why the mountains are visible again.

Image credits: gauravbhanu89

The mountains are visible again due to the reduced pollution in the region

Image credits: gull_1985

Image credits: Manu_Mehta_ind

Someone even said that it’s the first time in 30 years that the mountains are so clearly visible

Image credits: KangManjit

Image credits: kash_education

To help stop the spread of the virus, India underwent a 21-day lockdown and the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it’s necessary in order to “save India, to save its every citizen”. There are currently nearly 7k reported coronavirus cases in the country.

People living in Northern India also started sharing photos of the mountains taken from their homes

Image credits: susantananda3

Image credits: dhruv158cap

Image credits: Rajesh18Gandhi

Image credits: manaman_chhina

Image credits: covsinghtj

Image credits: abbu_pandit

Image credits: yahoo_mehra

Image credits: RohitWadhwa52

Image credits: amitsharma_110

Image credits: jssandhu86

Image credits: ABfile7

India Today Intelligence Unity reported a 33% improvement in air quality in the country between March 16 and 27 while India’s Central Pollution Control Board has also reported that the coronavirus lockdown had a positive effect on the air quality. According to WHO, India exceeds the safe limits of air quality a whopping five times so the current lockdown could possibly help improve this number.

People loved the pictures of mountains

Image credits: Evelyn_Kilday

Image credits: iampauldevine

Image credits: pranab_jha

Image credits: Rajnish_Sood_

Image credits: bhotna

Image credits: JohnPau24580307

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