Water In Venice Canals Clears Up After Country Goes On Lockdown

Published 4 years ago

Turns out the coronavirus quarantine not only stops the virus from spreading but also has some positive effects on nature. First, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels above Italy dropped significantly as more and more people began staying indoors, and now the muddy Venice canals have cleared up revealing the thousands of little fish that live there.

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After Italy initiated the lockdown, people began to notice some changes in the canals of Venice

Image credits: barnyz

Like many other Italian cities, Venice went on lockdown following the outbreak of the coronavirus and its busy squares and canals that are usually full of tourists stand empty and desolate.

The usually murky canals have cleared up revealing the thousands of little fish that live there

Following the news of dropping NO2 levels, some people began speculating that the water cleared up due to reduced pollution. These rumors, however, were quickly debunked.

People can’t believe their eyes and are sharing photos of the crystal clear water on social media

“The water now looks clearer because there is less traffic on the canals, allowing the sediment to stay at the bottom,” said a spokesman of Venice mayor’s office in an interview with CNN. “It’s because there is less boat traffic that usually brings sediment to the top of the water’s surface.”

Turns out the fish lived in the canals all along, they simply weren’t visible due to heavy traffic

Even if the reason isn’t reduced pollution, you can’t deny that the canals look so much better when they’re crystal clear rather than murky green.

People had a lot to say about the cleared-up canals

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