These Wildlife Photos Are So Bad, They’re Hilarious (40 New Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Let’s face it – not all of us are meant to become wildlife photographers. But even though your pictures probably won’t end up on the cover of National Geographic, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best. After all, even if you don’t succeed and your photos turn out not that great, there’s a Facebook group that will gladly accept you with open arms.

The Facebook group in question is called Crap Wildlife Photography, and, as the name suggests, it’s dedicated to the most hilariously bad photos of animals. And with hundreds of new photos being submitted every day, this group is a gift that keeps on giving. Check out some of the funniest terrible wildlife photos in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

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#1 Photobombed By A Bug

Image source: Amanda McMillan

#2 Long Story Short… I Was Trying To Photograph A Blue Jay

Image source: Karen McGovern

#3 That Time A Squirrel Gave Me The Finger

Image source: Rachel Bernal

#4 Costa Rica Ant Eater- Will Dance For Ants

Image source: Becky Casner

#5 Behold, The Majestic Manatee!

Image source: Danny Kiene

#6 Oh S**t

Image source: Vannah Willow

#7 I Still Can’t Tell If This Is Crap Wildlife Photography Or Just Incredibly Cute Wildlife Photography

Image source: Skye Moore

#8 “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”

Image source: Matthew Mackenzie

#9 This Is An Emu That Attacked My Car Window Several Years Ago At A Wild Animal Park In Oregon. Barely Got My Window Rolled Up Before This Demon Seed Tried To Attack Me. Note: It Was Light Outside But For Some Reason My Flash Went Off, Adding To The Drama

Image source: Kimberly Holman Beltran

#10 I Found This Wizard Squirrel In A Pile Of Trash. It’s The Best Crap Photo I’ve Taken.

Image source: Sylvia Dove

#11 The Majestic Woodland Caribou

Image source: Katie Baillie-David

#12 Couldn’t Think Of A Better Place To Post This

Image source: Kathleen Grace Nadeau

#13 Throwback To Taking A Poorly Timed Picture Of A Praying Mantis On My Windshield Before Leaving For Work

Image source: Jerilyn Murr

#14 Have You Ever Laughed So Hard Water Squirted Out Your Nose?

Image source:  Mike Kane

#15 It Was Fun Taking Photos Of The Bear In Our Yard, Until He Decided He Wanted To Visit Us On The Deck! Bears Can Run Fast!

Image source: Mary Johnson

#16 When That Wolf Comes Close And You Can Get The Shot Of A Lifetime, Focus Is Critical To Capture The Rich Detail Of The Fur

Image source: Ryan Kendall Brook

#17 Spread Ur Wings, Point Ur Toes And Jump … This Was Almost A Cool Pic

Image source: Betty Bennett

#18 I Heard Him Whistling As He Walked By. True Story

Image source: Laura Holman Graber

#19 I Call It “Preaching To The Choir” But Draw Your Own Conclusions! Something Very Strange Is Definitely Going On Here!

Image source: Brenda James

#20 Always Adjust The Iso From The Previous Shot If Photographing In Different Light!

Image source: Paul Stone

#21 I Call Him Buddha ……. And Sir

Image source: Leanne Rae-Cannon

#22 Today I Was Taking Pics Of A Garden. Later As I Went Back Through Them I Wondered What That Black Blotch Was On The White Car? Turns Out I Caught A Bumble Bee Bumbling Along

Image source: Tina Daley

#23 Whilst I Was Attempting To Catch The Grace And Elegance Of This Magnificent Pelican, Percy Slipped And Face Planted The Rock.

Image source: Christine Hibbert

#24 Ascend

Image source: Jay Rosen‎

#25 That Time I Caught The Raccoons Smoking In The Garbage Dumpster

Image source: Joy Vinci

#26 Deer Butt Sprinklers

Image source: Liz Pyles

#27 I Just Wanted A Nice Picture Of A Duck For A Uni Assignment…

Image source: Sally Black

#28 Mom Owns A Nature Store And Has A Comment On Her Facebook Page From Someone Asking If She Could Identify This Bird

Image source: Hannah Lia Strutt

#29 I Was Trying To Take A Photo Of A Chipmunk For A Friend In England Who Hasn’t Ever Seen One. Never Been This Badly Photo Bombed…

Image source: Diane Jhueck

#30 Fantastic Shot Of A Broken Umbrella Today

Image source: Karly Fowler

#31 Okay! Fine! Whatever…

Image source:  Amy Nicolai

#32 Even The Squirrels Have Given Up On 2020 (Edit- No Need To Be Concerned…the Squirrel Is Just Resting. She Moved On Quickly After)

Image source: Faun Carlson

#33 Wheeeeeeeeee…

Image source: Maarten Blaauw

#34 I Was Too Slow…

Image source: Dion Bjorn Grimes

#35 Crap (My Pants) Wildlife Photography

Image source: Stephanie Bush

#36 There’s Some Soap Opera Level Drama Happening At The Bird Feeder…i Wonder What The Story Is? Squirrel Seems Worried Someone Is Tryna Take Her Man, That’s For Sure…

Image source: Amy Belmore-Young

#37 ‘Friendly’ Magpie In The Backyard. Super-Stoked To Be Having His Picture Taken

Image source:  Jodie-Anne Stevens

#38 Hello

Image source: Tim Abel

#39 Carp Photography

Image source: Ngaire Peek

#40 I Present To You…….hawks On A Trampoline

Image source: Isabel Corcos

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