Artist Makes Crazy Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters And Son, And Here Are The Results

Published 6 years ago

Technologies often help us to find new passions. For example, John Wilhelm, a son of a hobby-photographer, wasn’t particularly interested in the art of taking pictures before he discovered digital cameras. And while he didn’t find fiddling with film reels and lenses that exciting back in the day, nowadays working with photographs as well as editing them is his true passion.

The father of four discovered the power of editing tools back in 2011 and since then he’s never looked back.

The stars of his fun photo manipulations are his wife and kids. “I don’t have enough time to hire real models or travel around the world, that’s why I started to plant my girls and myself in my scenes a few years ago. Fortunately, this compromise became my formula for success,” explains the photographer.

Scroll down to see the crazy images created by this Swiss artist and check out our other post about surreal photo manipulation here and here.

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#1 The Good Weather Umbrella

#2 Children Have No Choice

#3 Dreaming Of The Ocean

#4 Toilet Paper Harvest

#5 Dinner Is Served

#6 Bent Banana Inc

#7 Just A Seagull Pulling My Girls

#8 Just A Nightly Encounter

#9 Spaghettitime

#10 Catch It Like A Dog

#11 Feeding A Stinky Pelican

#12 Just A Little Overtaking

#13 Dad And Me

#14 Just A Loop Slide

#15 Snow Angel – Springtime Edition

#16 Dandelion Self-Defence

#17 Just A Little Beaver

#18 Just A Little Gravity Issue

#19 Wal(B)rus(Hing)

#20 Getting Rid Of That Baby Fat

#21 The Hike By Night

#22 Inflatitties

#23 The Photoholic Construction Kit

#24 Just A Knitting Needle And A Wall Socket

#25 Mila Button And Lou-Ke The Engine Driver

#26 Inflagranti

#27 Kissing A Fake Frog King

#28 Yuna Stark – Queen Of Westeros

#29 Online And Offlife

#30 Just A Little Snowflake

#31 Living In A Plastic World

#32 The Hike

#33 Just A Little Business Girl

#34 Happy New Year

#35 The Original Baby Cradle

#36 Running Out Of Time

#37 Just A Little Homework

#38 Just An Animal Lover

#39 Just Two Girls And A Vespa 1947

#40 Black Friday

#41 So Close And Yet So Far

#42 If Pinocchio Had Glasses

#43 The Rose’s Revenge

#44 Spring Preparation

#45 Silly Clone Academy – Auditorium

#46 Just An Unsuccessful Backscratcher


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