20 Things That Withstood The Test Of Time, As Shared By People In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

It’s difficult to find high-quality products these days. Most of the stuff out in the market is made of cheap materials and stops working after a certain period of time. Whether you buy any furniture, clothes, or tech tools, everything works for a certain short span of time after which they hardly serve any purpose. The products made during the older times were definitely much more durable than the ones we use today.

Turns out, there is even a subreddit ‘r/BuyItForLife (aka BIFL) ‘ dedicated to durable old products that withstand the test of time. The online community has amassed around 1.1 million Redditors, and people have been sharing photos of “practical, durable, and quality made products that are made to last” in this group. Scroll below to check out some of their best posts.

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#1 Family Heirloom Thanksgiving Cactus, 100 Years Old, Three Generations In The Family

Image source: MacTechG4

#2 In 2000, I Was Studying Overseas & Cringed As I Forked Over $10 For The Plainest Pencil I Could Find In The University Bookstore. I Had No Idea It Would Become My Forever Favorite & I’d Carry It Everywhere For The Next 22 Years

Image source: faith5

#3 Family Heirloom Restoration In Progress!

Image source: WarrenCluck

#4 This Multimillion Dollar Hospital Lab I Work In With Huge Analyzers And New Equipment Manufactured Months Ago Has A Tape Dispenser From 1960-1970 Held Up By A Toothpick Stick

Image source: Squaragus_Asparagus

#5 Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine. My Parents Taught Me To Use It, 30+ Years Later I’m Teaching My Daughter How

Image source: dustyspectacles

#6 This Silverware Set From 1858 That Is Still The Primary Set Used By Our Family

Image source: whyvitamins

#7 1974 Calculator From Kmart ($14 Then)

Image source: drbobsled

#8 My 30 Year Old Kitchen Stove That Is Still Used Daily

Image source: MexikutionerTheBruh

#9 Found This On The Curb. All Accessories In The Bowl. Works Beautifully

Image source: a_handful_of_snails

#10 This Зил Soviet Fridge Is Over 50 Years Old, And Is Still Actively Used By Our Family Without Issues

Image source: whyvitamins

#11 Neverquit Merino Wool Crew Socks. Daily Wear Since November 2019

Image source: ex4579

#12 Just Picked This Up For $90 Used For My Wife Who Loves Baking. How Did I Do?

Image source: lurkersforlife

#13 Our Aga Stove That Came With The House Will Survive Us All! This Thing Is Built Like A Tank And An Absolute Delight To Work With

Image source: Ionlylikelamp

#14 My Mom’s Hair Dryer Has Been Used For 42 Years And Stopped Working For The First Time. Turns Out It Was Just A Faulty Cable, So I Replaced And It’s Up Again

Image source: cabruncolamparao

#15 Le Creuset Enamel/ Iron Saucepan Set (80’s/90’s)

Image source: Fruitndveg

#16 This Bowl Have Been In My Family Since 1850-1860

Image source: thebobrup

#17 Texas Instruments Ti 36 Solar. I Bought This In 1988 And It Still Works Perfectly. 33 Years Old Still Going Strong!

Image source: average_joe419

#18 My Buy It For Life “Holy Trinity” Of Wool Coats (At Least In My Opinion)

Image source: jono433

#19 Found This On Facebook Today… Thought Some Of You Might Enjoy It

Image source: mysocallednight

#20 Fixed Up An Old Tanker Desk! These Things Last Forever

Image source: likediscosuperflyy

Lots Of Orbital Sanding, Bondo, Sanding, Blocking, Priming, Taping, Painting! Looks Perfect In My Home Office

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