30 Times People Shared Cool And Creative Products

Published 3 years ago

Every good product designer will tell you that it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to create a design that is appealing and effective. And even though we hardly ever get to see all of the work that goes into creating these interesting products, at least we can admire the amazing final results.

This subreddit is dedicated to all those product designs that are creative, cool, and practical. Scroll below to take a look at some of the coolest product designs out there. And if you are interested in more innovative products, don’t forget to check out our previous post here.

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#1 A Horror Novel Cover

Image source: Catculator

#2 Viking Longboat Conference Table

Image source: Panda_911

#3 Beautifully Stacked Bowls

Image source: Ohad22

#4 To The User With The Dancing Cat, I Raise To You My Own Dancing Cat!

Image source: amazon

#5 Motivational Gym Shirt

Image source: amazon

#6 Cracked Log Lamp

Image source: elee0228

#7 This Notebook Has Hexagonal Paper For Taking Notes In Organic Chemistry Class

Image source: amazon

#8 Partially Submerged Hippo Table

Image source: Panda_911

#9 This Customizable Table Lamp

Image source: amazon

#10 An Air Less Tire

Image source: Panda_911

#11 Bulbasaur Pot

Image source: ClassyGiftsAndGlass

#12 L’orange Perfume Bottle Set. Parfums De Marcy, 1925

Image source: Sleeeepy_Hollow

#13 Incredibly Accurate Death Star Firepit

Image source: Panda_911

#14 Fold-Out BBQ For Space Saving

Image source: Panda_911

#15 Lamp From IKEA

Image source: gotandwinter

#16 Absolute Unit Of A Couch

Image source: ezio_73

#17 Groot Pot

Image source: Amazon

#18 Dog Cards

Image source: Panda_911

#19 Inverse Of An Hourglass

Image source: waquasy

#20 It’s A Mug That Stops Coffee From Running All Of The Way Down

Image source: aaronbowers

#21 Simple And Well Executed

Image source: BullionGodspeed

#22 Grandfather Clock

Image source: pallaskleos

#23 This Corner Light Makes It Looks Like Your Wall Is Peeling Away And Revealing Something Behind It

Image source: amazon

#24 These Measuring Cups Are Designed To Visually Represent Fractions For Intuitive Use!

Image source: amazon

#25 Typewriter For Music

Image source: waquasy

#26 Suitcase That Displays Its Own Weight

Image source: Wildest83

#27 This Business Card

Image source: reddit.com

#28 A Built-In Watering Hole For Your Pets

Image source: reddit.com

#29 A Lounge Chair Built Into The Dock

Image source: sedano704

#30 Thor’s Hammer Toolbox

Image source: Panda_911

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