20 Cool New Products And Concepts That Are Designed To Solve Modern Problems

Published 2 years ago

Every good product designer will tell you that it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to create a design that is appealing and effective. And even though we hardly ever get to see all of the work that goes into creating these interesting products, at least we can admire the amazing final results.

This subreddit is dedicated to all those product designs that are creative, cool, and practical. Scroll below to take a look at some of the coolest product designs out there. And if you are interested in more innovative products, don’t forget to check out our previous post here.

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#1 A Pill Bottle That Keeps Track Of When It Was Last Opened

Image source: mtimetraveller

#2 Ordinary Glass Panels Can Act As Solar Panels When A Layer Of Nanoparticles Is Sandwiched Between Two Panes. This Could Help Us Take Advantage Of Solar Energy In Cities Where Space For Solar Panels May Be Limited⁠

Image source: mtimetraveller

#3 Foldup House

Image source: mtimetraveller

#4 First Battery-Free Cellphone By University Of Washington Engineers

Image source: mtimetraveller

#5 Israel Antonio Briseño Carmona, A Student At Coahuila Autonomous University, Was Inspired To Develop A Self-Repairing Road Pavement Material From Recycled Rubber Tires As A Means Of Addressing Mexico’s Notoriously Deteriorated Roads

Image source: mtimetraveller

#6 Thats Sounds Cool

Image source: erikk0411

#7 Glass Cleaner

Image source: TheMonsher

#8 The Infinity Burial Suit Is Put On The Deceased To Cleanse The Body And Soil Of Toxins, Delivers Nutrients From Body To Surrounding Plants, And Speed Up The Decomposing Process

Image source: mtimetraveller

#9 Hong Kong : Wearable Face Projector To Avoid Face Recognition

Image source: acyrlic

#10 This Bike Lets You Ride In Virtual Worlds From Your Home

Image source: PrabidhiInfo

#11 I Can’t Believe That I Never Saw This Before

Image source: dani85alt

#12 This Keypad That Randomizes The Numbers Every Time So You Can’t Tell Password By Hand Movements

Image source: wjl003

#13 This School Desk Turns Into A Safety Shelter During Disasters Like Earthquakes And More!

Image source: mtimetraveller

#14 A Bada** Looking Motorcycle That’s Electric

Image source: mtimetraveller

#15 Holograph Tablelets You Display 3D Models In Real Time

Image source: PorBorSoul

#16 This Chair For People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged

Image source: mtimetraveller

#17 A Device That Transforms Rotten Fruit And Vegetables Into Clean, Renewable Electricity

Image source: mtimetraveller

#18 This Braille Smart Watch I Came Across On Amazon

Image source: ElectronGuru

#19 Hand Webbing For Swimming With

Image source: Internet_points-

#20 This Water Purifier Can Even Turn Diet Cola Into Pure Water

Image source: 0x0equals0

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